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The City of Perth will become the second West Australian council to launch an eScooter trial, with a fleet of 80 scooters available for hire across the CBD from Saturday: #perth  #westernaustralia 

Reverse mortgage demand surges as cost of living hits retirees

Extraordinary cost of submarine program reveals a confronting truth

Former Cat Rooke to lead concussion class action against AFL in Supreme Court

Could the AUKUS nuclear subs deal rival WA’s resources sector?

WA motorcyclist fighting for life after hitting emu

WA man extradited to Melbourne over cold case murder of Geelong woman

#EXCLUSIVE Alcoa in WA: 60 years, 28,000 hectares of forest cleared, zero rehabilitation completed @PeteMilne4 

#OPINION Maria fought tirelessly for the homeless. Then she was killed on the streets


#OPINION As top end of town abandons him, McGowan finds himself on wobbly economic tracks #perthnews  #wanews 

West Australian Premier Mark McGowan has labelled Prime Minister Scott Morrison's support of Clive Palmer's border challenge before the High Court as "ridiculous" and unnecessary. #wanews  #Perthnews  #COVID19Australia  #Auspol 

Some pretty basic human rights - and humanity - were cast aside in the pursuit of keeping the virus out. #wanews  #Perthnews  #COVID19  #Auspol 

Chinese consular officials monitored and filmed an anti-Chinese Communist Party rally held outside of Western Australia's Parliament House, according to organisers. #wanews  #perthnews 

Beaten-up rookie Docker Andrew Brayshaw is not friends with assailant Andrew Gaff, did not play golf with the suspended Eagle and his family are not okay with the vicious derby attack that left the 18-year-old with a broken jaw and three displaced teeth.

#OPINION Climate? WA jobs? All they care about is the money they can squeeze out of us #perthnews  #wanews  via

‘Not anti-vaxxers’: Dr Kerryn Phelps reveals COVID vaccine injury, calls for more research

REVIEW: @5SOS  give their #Perth  audience a 'gold star' at @PerthArena  #5sos  #5sosfam