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Latest Scoops

We will let our Beauty Team know you would love to see Secret Charm return, Marissa!
Need/want. Such a fine line.
Score! Enjoy your great deals, Ana!
@delaniraeann So sorry for the disappointment in the leggings you've purchased, Delani. Please DM us more info on the style you've purchased so we can be sure your feedback is shared.
Is anyone *actually* calmed by picturing everyone else in underwear?
@adigiovannioff We'd like to speak with you concerning the experience you've had in one of our locations , Andrea. Please DM us the store location, your phone number and the best time to reach you. We look forward to hearing back from you.
These were one of our faves too, Rachel! We'll definitely share the love with our team in hopes of a return!
@cazuk73 We're happy to review your purchase, Caroline! Please DM us the full name provided, order number, email address, and a brief description of the purchased item(s).
@austin_powerrrs We're concerned about your experience and would like to gather additional details about your recent store visit, Rae. Please DM us your full name, email address, and the receipt barcode number for your purchase. We look forward to hearing from you soon.
Was summer real or did we dream it?
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