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Xbox Live change enables you to choose any gamertag you want by @jeffgrubb 

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Xbox Live

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well Johnson definitely won that or maybe Corbyn or probably both or maybe neither and it’s an hour of your life you’ll never see again #LeadersDebate 

Opinion: The EU has behaved inflexibly during the Brexit negotiations. In doing so, it has ignored its own interests, which favour a close and collaborative relationship with the UK.

@LaraLeaTrump  says Americans are THRIVING under #POTUS ’ leadership and that’s why #Democrats  are scared - “The only thing [dems] can do is try to impeach him, because they know they can’t beat him at the ballot box.” #TrishRegan 

So now apparently I am a "fuckwit" and "thick as pigshit" because I expressed concern about antisemitism in the Labour party. I'm afraid this rather reinforces my concern. In my experience, people who resort to insults have run out of arguments.

Why "quid pro quo" is insufficient to describe the magnitude of what Trump is accused of doing, per @nytmike  👇

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Faith in the world-conquering, relentless, sure-thing America First trade is fraying on bets world markets will turn the corner in 2020

Trump calls him his EU ambassador. Witnesses to Congress call him “comical,” “clueless” and a “counterintelligence risk”

French Navy goes to South China Sea multiple times in a year as international 'law of the sea' is at risk there and it wants to support freedom of navigation, its chief said

$AMD is up ~3.5% on the day The stock is up 43% since October.