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The 11 AM ET hour is underway and we have a lot to talk about Joining us this hour! @KimStrassel  @MarkTepperSWP  @brnoforaz  @ianprior90  @SenRickScott 

Today we talked to Rep. Jim Jordan about grilling NFL’s Goodell over Portnoy ban | Take a look. @stoolpresidente  @Jim_Jordan 

Good Morning Everyone. We wake up to sad border news with 50 migrants found dead inside a San Antonio truck. President Biden is done with G7 summit. We'll get into all that + more! We start at 9 AM ET @JasonKatzUBS  @CharlesHurt  @briangbelski  @murphyrosecliff  @larry_kudlow 


STU: "We are living in the best performing #economy  in the world. It's @realDonaldTrump 's big reelection issue. The #democrats  will have to do a lot better if they want to beat the President. Last night's spin was just plain laughable!" #DemDebate  #WorkingClass  #MyTake  #VarneyCo 

Are #Democrats  too extreme when it comes to #GunControl ? @DavidAsmanfox  is joined by @KimStrassel  of @WSJ  to discuss how gun control isn't just a #SecondAmendment  issue, but a due process issue as well. #VarneyCo 

STU: "Look what we have now! A growing #economy , full #employment , rapidly rising #wages , #stockmarket  record highs! How do you screw that up? You bring in the #politicians ." #Prosperity  #Business  #MyTake  #VarneyCo 

STU: "Voters everywhere have been rejecting costly climate dreams!" #NaturalGas  #ClimateChange  #Fracking  #MyTake  #VarneyCo 

STU: "Impeachment is all viscous politics. It will fail, and voters won't forget." #ImpeachmentHearings  #Politics  #Markets  #MyTake  #VarneyCo 

A new report reveals that Ukraine was working with the Democrats to sabotage the Trump campaign.

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The Trump Administration is considering providing direct financial relief to individuals affected by the #coronavirus . Former Reagan Economist Art Laffer says a payroll tax cut would be a more helpful, longer-lasting #stimulus . What do you think? #COVID19  #Markets  #VarneyCo 

@Nigel_Farage has been called 'racist' and 'xenophobic'. This is his reaction to Hillary's 'deplorables' comment