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There is a "limited attention span that the international community reserves for Africa," and in that void "the ashes of the last great war are being stoked yet again. Yet few players in the international game seem to realize the stakes." @africasacountry 

More troubling news from #DRCongo  -- prominent journalist @wembi_steve  is missing after being picked up by state security. This comes amid increasing arrests of journalists, attacks on the media, and closing space ahead of next year's scheduled elections.

#DRCongo "[President Tshisekedi] has become more autocratic, stifling dissent and the country's thriving, if anarchic, press. I should know: This summer, a colleague and I were the 18th and 19th journalists to be detained in Congo this year." @thenation 

"Any country that has a government not through constitutional means should be suspended [from the African Union] ... It started in #Zimbabwe  where they said 'it's not a coup and it's a half coup, it's near a coup.' A coup is a coup!" -Olusegun Obasanjo

Equatorial Guinea "People will cast the vote the government expects them to, because you cannot freely speak your mind in Equatorial Guinea. ... The opposition does not stand a chance. Obiang will do whatever it takes to not leave power."

#eSwatini "The calls for democracy have been rumbling since the 1970s, and have gained momentum since the early 2000s as King Mswati III took over more of the economy, hoarding riches while sinking more of the population into unbearable poverty."

#DRCongo voter registration is failing ahead of critical elections in Dec. @cenirdc  has only enrolled 7 million voters, out of a goal of 18 million. $400 million has been allotted for the exercise, amounting to $57,000 per registered voter. Unacceptable.

An estimated 70% of the continent's population lives in countries that the @Mo_IbrahimFdn  classifies as less safe now than in 2012. The report pointed to 23 successful or attempted coups since 2012, and 8 takeovers by juntas since 2019. @ishaantharoor 


#Uganda "More than 50 people were killed and hundreds hurt by security forces and police over two days in the capital and elsewhere. President Yoweri Museveni won a sixth term in office in the polls, which opposition politicians said were fraudulent."

We join the Uganda Journalists Union, and activists worldwide, to condemn the brazen daylight attacks in #Uganda  today. This is yet another instance -- in a long and growing list -- of unacceptable behavior amid a post-election clampdown. Enough is enough.

#Uganda 's opposition leader @HEBobiwine  , and his @NUP_Ug  party, say around 3,000 of their supporters have been detained or abducted by state agents since Nov. State security often appear "in unmarked minivans and take supporters to unknown locations."

#Uganda "There was less rigging where [] @HEBobiwineis  strong ... Clever governments try to rig in their own strongholds because here they can control the process and cover it up." @matthew_kayanja  @EffectHawthorne 

#Uganda : "It is neither a crime to stand for president nor to want to challenge the election results in court. This continued confinement [o @HEBobiwine  ] is politically motivated and a blatant violation of human rights. It must be lifted immediately."

We condemn in the strongest possible terms the arrest of #Tanzania  pro-democracy leader Tundu Lissu@TunduALissu ). The extensive assault on the country's democracy and once proud reputation has been stark. It's now escalating. The world must speak up. There must be consequences.

"I am able to expose what is happening in #Uganda  to the world, but what the world is seeing today is only a small picture of what's happening in the country ... if I can be harrassed like this, you can imagine what is happening to Ugandans who don't have a voice." - @HEBobiwine