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This town in Japan almost produces zero waste. Residents sort their waste into 45 different categories.

A modern smart kitchen design

The wise warrior avoids the battle. ―Sun Tzu, The Art of War

We must be careful not to believe things simply because we want them to be true. No one can fool you as easily as you can fool yourself. —Professor Richard Feynman

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“I do not chase people anymore. I learned that I am here, and I am happy. I am not going to run after people to prove that I matter.”

No matter how educated, talented or rich you are, how you treat people ultimately tells all.

The ability to learn, unlearn, relearn and to change yourself is a superpower.

Smart people quickly admit when they made a mistake.


22 inventions that are saving the Earth

Brazilian surfer Rodrigo Koxa broke the world record for the highest wave ever surfed (82 feet), during a session in Nazare, Portugal.

Surround yourself with people who care about and encourage you to reach higher.

The beauty of physics as shown by drawing natural pendulum motion

This is how octopuses use camouflage in the wild

The fastest route is not always a straight line.

You did not choose your: 1 birthplace 2 skin color 3 birth parents, family 4 birth gender 5 birth language 6 birth name 7 ethnicity 8 born abilities You can choose to be: 1 kind 2 generous 3 honest 4 grateful 5 respectful 6 optimistic 7 humble 8 teachable 9 faithful 10 happy

The world’s most simple ‘sorting by size’ system

In Spain, a taxi driver was known for taking patients to the hospital, free of charge. One day, he got a call to pickup a patient from the hospital. When he arrived, doctors and nurses surprised him with a standing ovation, plus an envelope of money. ES 🚕

The best demonstration of grit, persistence and self-confidence in less than one minute