Under the Tories: highest inflation in the G7. With Labour: a fully-funded plan to tackle the cost of living crisis now.

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I hold the radical belief that the profits of a handful of oil companies are not more important than the future of the planet.

Actor Jon Voight calls on Biden to be IMPEACHED: “He has wronged this nation’s glory. He has taken down our morals. He must be impeached. We cannot wait another second.”

Clarence Thomas claimed in a dissenting opinion that Covid vaccines are derived from the cells of “aborted children.” No Covid vaccines in the U.S. contain the cells of aborted fetuses.

@P_Fiala  @EUCouncilThe  EU will continue to provide robust support to . #Ukraine  Financial, humanitarian, and political. But Ukraine needs more. We are ready to play an important role in Ukraine's reconstruction. The destruction is massive. And so are the needs. @

James Baldwin wrote: “I love America more than any other country in the world and, exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually.” To Angela Davis he offers a critique of our country & also demands that we act. To not do so he says is suicidal.

Biden's brain breaks in HALF on Europe NATO trip— leaves foreign leaders and reporters SHOCKED

Proud to be endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Business today! Thanks to The Hitching Post Inn in Louisville for hosting the announcement and Tom Underwood from @NFIB  for attending!

Trump loyalists are working overtime to discredit ALL of Cassidy Hutchinson's testimony based on a dispute over one aspect of what she had to say. @jaketapper  takes 5 good minutes to break down the facts & how they impact her role in the investigation: