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The Labour Party

We are the UK Labour Party. Follow us for the latest news, speeches, policies and ways to get involved. #RebuildingBritain #ForTheMany

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If you're a small business, Labour is on your side. We will ✔️reform business rates ✔️stamp out late payments ✔️invest billions nationally to upgrade transport infrastructure #SmallBizSatUK  #SmallBusinessSaturday 

We know that small businesses and high streets and struggling. Here's our plan to make sure small businesses are thriving 👇 #SmallBizSatUK  #SmallBusinessSaturday 

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Last weekend before the election!! Can you spare an hour today, tomorrow, or during the week? 👇

Our personal manifesto tool takes you to the issues you care about in seconds. Get yours 👇

This is what our Green Industrial Revolution will look like in your area. 🔧 Good green jobs ☁ Cleaner air 🚍 Electric vehicles ⚡️ Lower bills 🏡 Higher living standards


You earn £82k per year. You pay £9 per month for Spotify, £10 for Netflix And £8.33 per month in your subscription to: Free healthcare Free education Properly funding the NHS Lifting children out of poverty Ending the climate crisis Ending homelessness

BREAKING: Now we have evidence that Boris Johnson has put the NHS up for sale. #NotForSale  #SaveOurNHS 

#VoteLabour today for a fairer Britain. Find out where to vote, then share this ↓

We can’t let him get away with this.

When politicians resort to blaming immigrants, you know they've run out of ideas.

Today vote Remain to protect 3 million British jobs, workers’ rights, the economy and our NHS. #LabourInForBritain .

@JamesCleverly , here's one video you don't need to edit...