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‘Infinitely plastic MORALITY’: Ron Coleman’s thread on why we should ALL oppose KBJ after her woman ‘crack’ is straight-fire

‘Oh YES you do’: The Academy claims they do NOT condone violence in Will Smith/Chris Rock statement and HOOBOY that’s a lotta backfire

White House clarifies that ‘only President Biden decides what President Biden is going to say’

Bro, just take the L: Keith Olbermann tries picking a fight with Corey DeAngelis about #schoolchoice  and it does NOT go well

THIS! –> Lefty/Democrat takes fellow Democrats and their ‘trans-kids agenda’ APART in freakin’ EPIC thread

Glenn Greenwald gets to the heart of lefties' meltdown over the prospect of Elon Musk buying Twitter

Stabby! Libs of TikTok features some abortion supporters who warn of burning it all down

Daily Wire’s Mary Margaret Olohan shares disturbing footage of pro-aborts getting aggressive with pro-life progressives outside SCOTUS [videos]

OUCH! @RandPaul  takes the ‘disinformation’ truth hammer to DHS chief Mayorkas for several minutes

Israel's Foreign Ministry shares a video that appears to show Palestinian terrorists claiming they shot an Israeli soldier in the alleged area where an Al Jazeera journalist was killed


BOMBSHELL video: What James O'Keefe just exposed about Hillary Clinton will ENRAGE you

STILL NO CORRECTION: Joy Behar read the FAKE NEWS Brian Ross report on air. When will @TheView  correct?

UNREAL: No big thing, just the DOJ admitting to making a HUGE mistake involving Peter Strzok in the Flynn case

Daily Mail: Crying child on TIME cover 'never separated by border control agents' from her mother

Jemele Hill gets caught with offensive comments after trying to cancel Barstool Sports and she changes the rules in the process

Priceless! MSNBC segment questioning need for Trump border wall interrupted by... (just guess)

DIRTY little secret –> Nancy Pelosi withheld #coronavirus  bill so DCCC could run ads AGAINST GOP candidates (watch)

Will America's conscience, Jimmy Kimmel, speak out against rental trucks tonight?