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‘Heartbreaking thread’ of photos from reporter’s walk through Kenosha doesn’t align with Joe Biden slamming Trump for sending federal agents to ‘peaceful protests’

ICYMI ==> Postmaster General needed just 30 seconds to blow up Dem & media’s USPS ‘false narratives’ during House hearing

'Uncle Tom' trends on Jack Dorsey's anti-racist platform after Herschel Walker speaks at RNC

PolitiFact wants you to know rioters didn’t burn down a black church, just the car lot next to a black church and some other stuff

‘WTF’? Why hasn’t Twitter flagged viral — and ‘wildly out of context’ — video painting Tucker Carlson as a fan of democratic socialism?

‘My morning is RUINED!!!’ Resistance meltdown over Mitt Romney’s SCOTUS betrayal is real, and it’s pretty darn spectacular


The VA State Police basically called Gov. Terry McAuliffe a liar

CRINGE: Joe Biden gets handsy with young girl, says 'I'll bet you're as bright as you are good-looking'

STILL NO CORRECTION: Joy Behar read the FAKE NEWS Brian Ross report on air. When will @TheView  correct?

‘NOT a joke’: Dan Bongino has the ‘scoop’ on Biden’s cognitive decline and it’s just getting WORSE and worse for the Democrats

UPDATE: For some reason, Rep. Ilhan Omar deleted her tweet defending the Black Hebrew Israelites [screenshot]

UNREAL: No big thing, just the DOJ admitting to making a HUGE mistake involving Peter Strzok in the Flynn case

Jemele Hill gets caught with offensive comments after trying to cancel Barstool Sports and she changes the rules in the process

Soledad O'Brien gets absolutely dragged for condescending response to Janice Dean over Dr. Fauci and COVID-19 deaths in NY

Congratulations, Kyle Kashuv! No. 1 in his class out of 856 students