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VIP » RECEIPTS: Sen. Chuck Grassley’s press office looks back at how media received his criminal referral of Christopher Steele

Watch Sen. Josh Hawley say the IG report shows ‘our own government meddling in the election’

ICYMI ==> ‘This is insane’! Ted Cruz asked IG if an FBI lawyer actually did this (and Horowitz confirmed)

Gov. Ralph Northam warns localities of ‘consequences’ if they don’t enforce gun control laws

Too inconvenient? CNN analyst Susan Hennessey — and CNN — don’t seem to think IG Michael Horowitz’s testimony is ‘significant enough’ to cover

Rep. Jerry Nadler asks colleagues how they want to be remembered ‘when Trump’s grip on our politics is gone’

Rep. Louie Gohmert drops alleged whistleblower’s name in list of witnesses who should have been called

Sad! Blue-check columnist’s meltdown over Richard Jewell’s depiction of garbage journalism is actually ‘a ringing endorsement’ of Clint Eastwood’s film

Kimberley Strassel finds one line buried in IG report ‘that is central to everything’ and must be answered


CRINGE: Joe Biden gets handsy with young girl, says 'I'll bet you're as bright as you are good-looking'

The VA State Police basically called Gov. Terry McAuliffe a liar

UNREAL: No big thing, just the DOJ admitting to making a HUGE mistake involving Peter Strzok in the Flynn case

UPDATE: For some reason, Rep. Ilhan Omar deleted her tweet defending the Black Hebrew Israelites [screenshot]

STILL NO CORRECTION: Joy Behar read the FAKE NEWS Brian Ross report on air. When will @TheView  correct?

'Absolutely disgusting': Little girl behind viral 'Mini AOC' videos reportedly targeted with harassment and death threats

Congratulations, Kyle Kashuv! No. 1 in his class out of 856 students

WHOA! The FBI raided the offices of the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico this morning