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Travis Tritt

GRAMMY award winning Singer, Songwriter, Musician & Multi Platinum Recording Artist. New live album “Homegrown” available 6/30/2019 at AppleMusic & my website.

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Making the best of a bad situation Getting by fine in a ghost town nation ♫ Stream and save GHOST TOWN NATION on your favorite listening platform

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@Duanewells3369  @wlgoldenV  @willcaine  @sheri_lynn95252r  @TGrahamBrownFany  sad news! Hal was a great entertainer and an even better person. He will be missed. Sincere condolences to all his family, friends and fans. 🙏🏼

I just finished listening to the @peterframpton  audiobook of Do You Feel Like I Do. Even though we may disagree politically, I have to say I enjoyed the book very much. So many of Peter’s experiences professionally are very similar to mine.

Wishing a very Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


I’m thinking that the USA must be a pretty decent place when those who obviously hate this country keep threatening to leave, but never do. US

The recovery rate for those infected with COVID19 is over 95% for most age groups. That’s a much higher recovery rate than for those infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

We’ve watched all summer as mob rule brought violence, arson, looting and murder to our city streets. The mob is now threatening more of the same if they don’t get their way on the SCOTUS nominee. Americans are fed up with living under these threats.

No matter what the final results are tonight, one thing is extremely clear. @FoxNews  can no longer claim to be the fair and balanced network they once were. There are a lot of biased hacks there now and a ton of folks are noticing. It’s now @newsmax  for me for election results.

There should be a group of people gathered outside the hospital praying for the two LA deputies who were shot in an ambush last night. Instead, there was a crowd there shouting “we hope they f***king die!” Something I thought I’d never see. 🙏🏼 US

Anyone who personally knew Elvis will tell you that he absolutely loved the black community and the black community loved him. It breaks my heart to see his memory tarnished this way.

I saw a bunch of folks in Portland asking where the police were tonight when the Trump Cruise came to town. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought Portland wanted to defund and abolish the police. I’m so confused.

I’m timing the response times given to both VP candidates tonight. Harris is being given more time so far. This moderator is clearly biased.

If how big tech handled the NY Post story on the Biden scandal doesn’t make you realize how biased and dishonest Google, Facebook and Twitter are, you are beyond help.

If you’re like me, I get sick and tired of arguing with sheeple who automatically subscribe to any fake news story from anonymous sources without researching anything on their own. It is an exercise in futility.