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There have been 51 NBA Finals games played since over the past decade. LeBron James has played in 45 of them.

Some clear tweaks/adjustments in RJ Barrett’s shooting form since the end of last season... most noticeable is a much wider base:

Total number of NBA Finals appearances: Lakers: 31 Celtics: 21 Warriors: 11 * LeBron James: 10* 76ers: 9 Knicks: 8 Pistons: 7 Bulls: 6 Spurs: 6 Heat: 5 Cavs: 5 Rockets: 4

Good News: Sam Darnold has thrown 3 TD’s today. Bad News: 2 of those 3 TD’s were thrown to the other team.

New York’s two football teams — the Jets and Giants — are a combined 0-6 this season have been outscored by cumulative total of 98 points thru three weeks (173 to 75)

Jayson Tatum before the end of the first quarter and Jayson Tatum after the end of the first quarter

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Recap of this 4th quarter thus far:


Ugh... From the day of Kobe’s final game back in April of 2016:

Never forget... Derrick Rose with greatest reaction to All-Star introductions of all time

KD has donated over $14 million to charitable causes in 2018 alone. LeBron’s “I Promise” campaign has pledged $41 million to Akron-area students. Thousands of young people’s lives improved dramatically b/c these two men decided they wouldn’t “stick to sports.”

With the No. 2 overall pick in the 2018 NBA draft, the Sacramento Kings select.... Marvin Bagley Jr.

LeBron, age 33, is playing the 100th game of his season tonight. He led the league in minutes played in the reg season. He leads the NBA in mins played in the postseason. No active teammate is averaging more than 10 ppg in the playoffs. No teammate is averaging more 2.2 assists.

Trae Young's last 12 games: *43 points and 7 assists *32 pts & 10 assists *28 pts & 8 assists *29 pts & 9 assists *29 pts & 10 asts *26 pts & 22 assists *31 pts & 12 astss *39 pts & 14 assists *27 pts & 10 assists *29 pts & 5 assists *27 pts & 9 assists

Unsurprisingly, some brilliant, thought-provoking comments from Gregg Popovich (who served in the military) on a difficult subject: