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Tom Winter

NBC News Correspondent for Investigations. Focused on Police, Courts, Corruption, Cyber Security, and Counter-terrorism stories in the Eastern U.S.

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UPDATE: Local officials in Pennsylvania are providing more clarity tonight on just what happened with those 7 Trump ballots that went to the trash. A secured dumpster, the FBI, and a temp worker out of a job. Key details from @darehgregorian 

I think we all know the context.

The interview of Barnett was allegedly conducted by 2 FBI agents, a federal prosecutor reviewing the investigation of Flynn, and the U.S. Attorney appointed by AG William Barr to oversee the review, the document says.

Yeah, I tweeted it out at 2:30am and stayed up half the night to read it.

NBC News: Massachusetts Attorney General charges 2 in nursing home riddled with COVID-19. "They risked their lives from Normandy to the jungles of Vietnam and to know that they died under these circumstances is truly shocking.”

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@SouthPoint1000  @selectedwisdomM  @AliVelshiy  record holding this administration and others accountable is well documented. The reporting speaks for itself.

FLASHBACK: Trump's math on his business bankruptcies is a little hazy, but the records are quite clear, 6 times he's put his businesses into bankruptcy in a period spanning 20 years. What we found:


BREAKING / NBC News: In a statement U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman says "I have not resigned, and have no intention of resigning." He says he found out he was "stepping down" by reading it in a press release.

NEW: The Dept. of Justice says they’ve completed their review of 29 FISA warrants that were flagged by the IG for being out of compliance and have found only 2 material errors and found that all of the applications contained sufficient basis for probable cause, a statement says.

Gov. Cuomo really letting Sen. Mitch McConnell have it. He says that New York State contributes $116 Billion more to the federal budget than it takes from it whereas Kentucky takes more from the federal government than it puts in by more than that amount.

NEW: The U.S. Attorney's Office and FBI in Philadelphia have announced the guilty plea of a local elections judge, Domenick J. Demuro there who took bribes in exchange for adding ballots to increase the vote totals for certain candidates.

NEW: A federal judge in NY – acting quickly on his own and without being asked by either side -- has ordered attorneys for President Trump and Manhattan D.A. Cy Vance to inform the court by next Wednesday morning how they expect to proceed with the subpoena for Trump's tax docs.

NEW: The FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force and the Las Vegas PD announce charges against 3 alleged members of the right-wing extremist group "Boogaloo" with violating state & federal laws, "for conspiracy to cause destruction during protests in Las Vegas", prosecutors say.