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Last 10 @TBLightning  Series closeout games... Current vs Panthers 2-0 vs Leafs 2-1 2021 vs Panthers - 4-0 vs Carolina 2-0 vs Isles 1-0 vs Canadiens 1-0 - Cup 2020 vs CBJ 5-4 vs Boston 3-2 vs Isles 2-1 vs Stars 2-0 - Cup Goals For: 24 - Goals Against: 8

I’ve been served 7,453 #TopGunMaverick  promoted tweets the last few days; the movie better not suck

Apparently the NHL has no interest legislating hits to the head out of the game

The amount of people who are callous to the loss of human life on twitter never ceases to amaze me yet we see it every single day on this app It's not being political it's call being a fucking human being

When you’re easily disoriented on every visit you make to @Lowes  it illustrates how handy you are around the house…in my case the answer is utterly useless

Sports books are looking to expand betting menus to take bets on micro markets At the same time some of these very same sports books are unwilling to take bets on top line macro markets in the major sports I'm not sure this is an ideal emerging trend for our space

We as hockey fans were cheated out of Game 6…at minimum

This Sunday is the single best day of auto racing on the entire calendar; which race are you most looking forward to watching/betting? @F1  @NASCAR  @IndyCar 


Betting sports adds life to your days and takes years off your life

List of people Lebron is likely to blame for tonight's loss 1) Teammates 2) Luke Walton 3) NBA Owners (Dan Gilbert somehow) 4) Lakers management 5) Donald Trump

Just take your money from the stock market and bet sports...its more fun anyways

Complain about the officials all you want... Arkansas was the better team tonight Arkansas made more clutch shots Arkansas made more plays Arkansas won the game

Mattress Mack is a marketing genius when it comes to his future bets on the Astros. He's using sports gambling as PR driver for a zero risk proposition, alternative insurance policy for Gallery Furniture promotions This isn't a sports betting story; its a business lesson

After today there are only 7 more Saturdays in 2019 without college football; adjust accordingly

Next week's 49ers @ Rams game should be blacked out across the country...there's no reason to expose children to that kind of dumpster fire

Richmond bans players for fantasy football... Baylor and other schools allow sexual assault offenders to keep playing. Great system NCAA!!

I'm convinced sports gambling remains one of the only spaces in social media devoid of social justice warriors and cancel culture...and I'm beyond thankful for that