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Biden isn't pulling out of Afghanistan in a bold move He's delaying the move already agreed upon by TrumpFuck Biden

i ordered pizza and hot dogs overnight from chicago who doesn't love portillos and lou malnattis?

we ordered giordanos the other day, some people liked it better. tough call for me but I like the Lou Malnattis crust better

Looking for a web dev / web editor in the DC area email Job @timcast .com

i know the teenager who got killed was white and drew a knife after getting shot but this still proves the white cop is a racist and that all cops are bad

how the fuck is the State going to claim that Chauvin *intended* to kill Floyd at this point?

people of MN should start preparing for the destruction, fires, and death from mass peaceful protests

@willchamberlain  they basically did imo They mentioned the test but not directly the carbon monoxide results, they inferred the carbon monoxide results through oxygen saturation The state basically said fuck you to the judge

@Tahjo4  basically voids the trial Judge said "yo dont mention this " State goes ok but we will anyway just using different words Defense said fuck that Judge calls recess

it feels like they want the riots to happen


The censorship of the NY Post proves beyond a reasonable doubt that big tech corporations are cheating to help Democrats win

They didn't rig the election they "fortified" it Holy fuck I can't believe Time just ran this story

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A major political party and massive multinational corporations are removing their political opposition Its a cultural coup

They kept saying there was no evidence of fraud Now they are moving on to "unproven conspiracies" because there is evidence of fraud

It is now fact that Twitter and Facebook suppressed a groundbreaking political scandal that is confirmed by numerous sources The scale of this scandal is beyond historic

You can't open your business yet The left can hold massive rallies You can't go to church The left can destroy statues of the founding fathers You can't watch your child be born or mourn the loss of loved ones The media says you're the bad guy

Isn't it funny how these states could count millions of ballots but then all of a sudden had to stop to spend three days counting thousands

When did we switch from tracking COVID deaths to ignoring them and only worrying about cases?

It's weird how the media is like "don't listen to these doctors giving a press conference about Hydroxychloroquine" And then they are like, "yo get medical advice from this wealthy businessman with no medical background because he sells computer operating systems"

It's hard for me to believe Trump will lose in November considering all the polls in 2016 and how Biden is substantially worse than Hillary in many ways "Biden, to me, is like taking a flashlight with a dying battery and going for a long walk in the woods." - Joe Rogan