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Cancel Culture isn't real says the left as leftists also get canceled for stupid reasons

What happens to Punk bands when they find themselves in complete alignment with the billion dollar multi national corporations?

I think @michaelmalice  just shattered the brain of the Libertarian presidential candidate

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@CLForstner  They believe in civil liberties for all, the government cannot discriminate and it cannot tell private businesses what to do They advocate for the right to discriminate for any reason so long as it is not the government doing it

Do you ever find yourself following some random blue check? I often see unfamiliar accounts on my timeline that I know I never followed

@RealDeanCain  im not sure you can reason with people who think actors can only play themselves I guess it goes both ways, they assume everyone IS playing themselves

Installing Zoom seems to have broken our recording rig, messed up the drivers We are working to fix it now but may not be able to record now. Will update cc @AdamCrigler  @LuciastAna1 

its fixed because im a genius See, all the regular ways of fixing things didn't work So I did the digital equivalent of duct tape and as long as sound comes out of the box then its working


You can't open your business yet The left can hold massive rallies You can't go to church The left can destroy statues of the founding fathers You can't watch your child be born or mourn the loss of loved ones The media says you're the bad guy

Joe Biden has been credibly accused of sexual assault and Bernie Sanders endorsed him

I have just two very specific words for journalists and politicians who are now warning us of the dangers of COVID and how its making a comeback Fuck You

I wonder how many fake protesters showed up just to steal shit

This story is heartbreaking Firefighter saves up for his dream business, a sports bar Rioters in MN destroyed it This GoFundMe is for him to get it all back I hope this can be a reminder to him and everyone that good people got your back

The media is calling a sworn statement from a Ukrainian prosecutor a conspiracy theory But they call second hand information from a "whistleblower" a credible claim Go fuck yourselves I'm sick of this insane game

So now they are literal fascists and like.. admitting it?

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Youtube decided that my video talking about massive GOP voter turnout and Trump's town hall ratings constituted discussion of "modern acts of terror" and demonetized my video awesome

This is a fun new meme Post anything random about oxygen and frequency and Twitter slaps a weird editorial note on your post So for example I was scuba diving and the frequency of my breathing cost me too much oxygen and I had to resurface early See if it works!