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Arguing against a democratic vote while claiming Trump is not playing fair is like a fire truck bursting into flames

Democrats want to abolish the Electoral College in favor of a popular vote Why not start with the DNC No more state primaries, just one national popular primary

To clarify I mean their cable channel If youre going to run a story confirming someone did something just fucking say his name

But how could this be? How could people resist the sweet serenade of Adam Schiff's siren song?

Ever since Occupy Wall Street I've been absolutely impressed by the ability of the woke left to completely shatter the working class coalition that existed at its start by attacking white people instead of the super rich

When I say the Left is going insane I'm not saying every person. I'm saying there is no unity and many of the powerful individuals and organizations on the left have lost their fucking minds

@JackPosobiec  it also provides evidence as to Trumps motive in firing Yovanovitch, she was undermining his policy in Ukraine and bad mouthing him


The media is calling a sworn statement from a Ukrainian prosecutor a conspiracy theory But they call second hand information from a "whistleblower" a credible claim Go fuck yourselves I'm sick of this insane game

Trump: You're fake news Press: THIS IS THE END OF DEMOCRACY Schiff: Here Is A US Journalist's Private Phone records Press: This is fine

Seriously tho How is Joe Biden really the Democratic frontrunner? He doesn't know where he is, he can barely speak, and he inappropriately touches women and girls

NYT just stealth edited the original story about Hillary Clinton to claim that she didnt say the Russians were grooming Tulsi But that Republicans were There is no correction, no notice, this was done quietly original story -

So Gizmodo broke the news Facebook suppressed conservative news. Jack Dorsey said conservatives at Twitter are scared to speak up Google employee candidly talks about influencing US elections to prevent "Trump Situation" Media still acting like its a conspiracy theory

This is why they keep calling everyone "far right" The right barely moved and the left has gone off the rails

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Remember when Don Lemon defended Antifa? Remember when Chris Cuomo defended Antifa? They are running defense for violent psychopaths who beat up journalists