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The fact check for those confused is that they WILL smear Tulsi over this not that it did not happen

@Cernovich  Record economy, record labor participation, favorability is higher than before he was elected, approval is teetering near an all time high, incumbent advantage I don't see him losing However he may lose if its true Hillary voters stayed home because they thought they would win

Imagine if the media covered Epstein with the same zealotry as they did RussiaGate

@BridgetPhetasy  the center / center left are hiding, disaffected, or just completely uninterested now (mostly) My friends stopped being involved in politics after bernie was robbed

Seems like the right will take the PR victory in PortlandVideos circulate of Antifa getting arrested, smashing bus windows, pepper spraying people and the right seems to have left After the event theres even a possibility for police clashes, we have seen this in the past

When a lefty blog smears their own boss they get a rude awakening

well we arent talking about the UK now are we?

As per that last line from my MSNBC interview though I never did end up in the hospital But as the far left encroaches and former OWS activists who opposed violence turn dark we do see things escalating Andy Ngo did end up in the hospital

Occupy Activists offered me protection Let me repeat OCCUPY Offered ME Protection and I declined How far left has the left gone now to endorse this kind of violence?

Mind you, this is all from early 2012

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Its kind of terrifying that Trump just made history trying hard to bring peace to the Korean Peninsula and 'resistance' personalities and media hate Trump so much they are actively trying to sabotage him

This is why they keep calling everyone "far right" The right barely moved and the left has gone off the rails

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Remember when Don Lemon defended Antifa? Remember when Chris Cuomo defended Antifa? They are running defense for violent psychopaths who beat up journalists

Youtube has removed my video on Censorship at Pinterest without notifying me or explaining what happened. I have no opportunity to appeal

Carlos Maza used to work for media matters, an activist organization. He nows works for VOX doing the same thing he did at MMFA. Journalism is dead and these sociopaths killed it.

I would like to see @joerogan  host the presidential debates Apparently nearly 50k others agree

We now have a 2 hour raw recording of the MAGA kids incident. We can see No chanting "build the wall" as far as I saw Native group approaches about an hour after the kids were already there "Black Activists" are Black Hebrew Israelites yelling Fagg**

Reza Aslan is either dangerously stupid, inciting violence Or he is intentionally lying and misleading people using bad faith tactics to promote violence. Either way, how does twitter allow this but you can't tweet about voter ID or learning to code?

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