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crickets taste bad, we tried it. there are better bugs to mush into bread

fat acceptance is the result of more people becoming fat thats it once you get to a certain number of fats per capita then you'll see the market react by trying to pander to them for their money Dove Real Beauty meet Ben and Jerry's Both owned by Unilever

That would be epic. Also need to get you guys on the show!

@VatalaroRon  unfettered markets result in masturbatory practices that hurt people I talk about this all the time we need better culture and education

we didnt create womens leagues in sports because sometimes people wear dresses we created womens leagues so females can compete in a field without males social roles have nothing to do with why these leagues or divisions were created

females are allowed to compete in the NBA, NFL, NHL etc they just never make the cut many have tried to make the cut as kickers in the NFL because of this observation we said "ok then lets make a league where females will be able to qualify"

if you argue for male rights based on social gender roles youre still arguing for male rights youre a male rights activist

The concept of gender affirming medical treatments make no sense Gender is a social construct These are sexual identity affirming treatments, not gender

i took the day off and am watching Judge Judy now i understand, this is how life is supposed to be


Breaking from Project Veritas Twitter employee confirms bias at Twitter Seems I was right Because conservatives tolerate leftist speech and leftist won't tolerate the right, Twitter opts to censor the right as "balance" @elonmusk 

The Washington Post and Taylor Lorenz Doxxed @libsoftiktok  They included a link to private work details and an address listed as Libs' private home They lied about it so I got an ad in Times Square calling them out Thanks to @JeremyDBoreing  for the assist

Remember how you were wrong about Russian Collusion Remember how you were wrong about the Covington Kids Remember how you were wrong about Jussie Smollett Remember how you were wrong about Kyle RittenhouseBelieving Corporate Press is the epitome of being insane

It's crazy that if you believe children should not get sex change surgery you're considered right wing

They didn't rig the election they "fortified" it Holy fuck I can't believe Time just ran this story

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its weird that the right is like "people shouldn't have sex conversations with children in secret" and then the left is like "yo why do you hate gay people?"

people who are vaccinated can still spread covid

Elon needs to bring back trump, Alex jones, milo, and loomer

i wonder how many votes Trump just got from the video of Black Lives Matter rioters attacking an old woman and splashing her in the face with paint

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