Augusta / Anna Davis

I will be heading up to Augusta today to continue my preparation and practice. It will be a game-time decision on whether I compete. Congratulations to 16-year-old Anna Davis on an amazing win at the @anwagolf  and good luck to all the kids in the @DriveChipPutt .

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Augusta / Anna Davis

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Today should be the last day anyone takes seriously any Republican — from Mitch McConnell to Lauren Boebert — who slammed the FBI and DOJ for serving a search warrant on someone under investigation for espionage.

Rwanda is truly so beautiful. Thank you for having us. I can’t wait to come back RW

Remember this day. When Democrats jammed through a 700-page bill that raises your taxes and doubles the size of the IRS. 87 days from now, Democrats will have only themselves to blame...

Settlement of the Deshaun Watson situation is not out of the question, I’m told. Stay tuned.

Davenport, Iowa is going back to the LLBWS for the first time since 1975 ‼️

I remember back in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s if you were under investigation for espionage you were roundly considered a traitor — not a candidate for president.

Entering his 50th season in coaching, Nick Saban told @DanPatrick  on Friday that he is "committed to the grind" and repeated his ongoing fears about retiring and having nothing to do:

All the threats and warnings you heard from your Welsh mam growing up

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As one of his top weekend bets, @MrBradThomas  explains why he's 'absolutely smashing' Arsenal (-1) against Leicester City on Saturday. Get all of his and @SteveLetarte 's best bets: