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Internet bandwidth is undergoing the ultimate stress test. A significant portion of America's workforce has shifted to working from home during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Supreme Court has declined to halt the Trump administration's construction of portions of the border wall.

The Justice Department has scheduled two additional federal executions weeks after it fought off last-minute legal challenges and successfully resumed federal executions following a 17-year pause.

The Department of Homeland Security says it would “discontinue” collecting information on members of the press -- a practice that experts said was out of the agency's purview and was alarming and "disheartening."

Interest in homeschooling spikes amid coronavirus pandemic: Parents' biggest questions answered.

Less than one-third of the country believes that sending federal officers to respond to demonstrations in cities makes the situation better, new @ABC  News/Ipsos poll finds. A slight majority (52%) view the response as exacerbating the situation.

Unions are gaining support in Congress for another $32 billion in federal aid to protect airline workers from layoffs for another six months.

After Democrats turned down offer of short-term extension, Speaker Pelosi says, “We have been for the $600. They have a $200 proposal which does not meet the needs of working families … the idea that they made a proposal is really not actually factual.”

“We have to balance,” Treasury Sec. Mnuchin says amid partisan stalemate over COVID-19 relief. “There’s obviously a need to support workers, support the economy … on the other hand, we have to be careful about not piling on enormous amounts of debt.”

Treasury Sec. Steven Mnuchin says “the entire committee agrees that TikTok cannot stay in the current format because it risks sending back information on 100 million Americans … the president can either force a sale or the president can block the app.”


Sen. Ron Johnson says charges against Pres. Trump are "pretty thin gruel" and Speaker Nancy Pelosi's decision to withhold the articles of impeachment is "bizarre." "They had to rush to this impeachment vote and then all of a sudden she's sitting on it."

Father of Parkland victim slams NRA videos: "If this was put out by a terrorist organization, we would be raising the terror threat level in this country. Why are we letting this lobby have anything to do with DC? I don't understand it!"

"There never was nor shall there be an excuse for the criminal behavior you were subjected to," William Sweeney, assistant director in charge of the FBI's New York Field Office, says to victims at news conference on charges against Ghislaine Maxwell.

@POTUS : "There's a big chunk of our citizenry that feels...they're not being treated the same. And that hurts."

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos shares a message in Spanish ahead of #DemDebate : "I am telling Latinos that despite the fact that we are facing difficult times, this is our country, too"

JUST IN: "I'm not going to get into hypotheticals," Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says when asked if it's appropriate to condition Ukraine aid on political investigation after Mick Mulvaney's comments. @GStephanopoulos : "Except it's not a hypothetical"