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The Takeaway ?

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In recent months, the Biden Administration has put in place some of its harshestt restrictions on who and how people can claim asylum at the U.S./Mexico border.

TODAY 📻: #Dragphobia  & Remembering#DarylHunt  @vox  political reporter @nicolenarea  & Olivia Hunt, Policy Director@TransEquality  on Tennessee's drag ban ~REPLAY @PhoebeZerwick , author of "Beyond Innocence" & Suzy Salamy, Director of Social Work @innocence  on #DarylHunt 

#ICYMI In Feb., Kinetic Light, a disability art collective, performed a duet called "Under Momentum" at @LincolnCenter  where artists interchange between wheelchair and floor movement. Listen to our recent segment about the performance and access in the arts by @KaterinaBarton 

Tonight's the night! #Oscars  Our resident movie critics, @kristenmeinzer  and @RaferGuzman  joined us to talk all about what to expect 2023 Oscar Awards.

Remembering #DarylHunt  & those wrongfully convicted. "According to @UMich 's 2022 National Registry of Exonerations, there were 3,000+ proven cases of wrongful conviction since 1989. That's more than 26,000 years of human life loss to false imprisonment."

Already in 2023, drag bans and anti-trans laws have reached record breaking numbers

Takeaway producers @KaterinaBarton  and @RyanAndrewWilde  talked to a few folks in the sober bar industry and some customers in New York City about the growing trend of sober bars. LISTEN & DOWNLOAD


O'Malley: On this stage, you didn't hear anyone: -Make racist comments -Denigrate women, new immigrants -Deny climate change #DemDebate 

RIP Alan Rickman. We will always remember you - from Die Hard to #Snape  and everything in between.

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USCIS is creating a new task force. The organization expects to hire lawyers and immigration officers in the coming weeks to find U.S. citizens they say should not have been naturalized, to revoke their citizenship, and then eventually deport them.

Trump has actually discussed continuing 'The Apprentice' from the White House with NBC execs, says @Sarahlellison .

In May, human rights organizations like Human Rights Watch@hrw ) and Amnesty International@amnesty ), condemned India for targeting and prosecuting journalists and government critics, particularly Muslim journalists like @RanaAyyub , global opinions writer for @washingtonpost .

@democracynow 's Amy Goodman: The coverage of this resistance is critical - all of the media should be here.

NOW: Meet JJ and Joah. They were suspended multiples times at pre-school. And they're not alone. In 2016, African American children were more than twice as likely as other children to be suspended or expelled from preschool.

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#NoBillNoBreak We remixed @repjohnlewis ' speech on gun control. LISTEN here.

Do you want @realDonaldTrump  to release his tax returns?