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Facebook will BAN ads that falsely claim US election victory

Ancient remains of 'warrior woman' unearthed in Siberia alongside weapons

Twitter goes DOWN – app stops working for thousands of users in mystery outage

New Call of Duty season just launched with new weapon changes, operators & more

You can get two free PS4 games this month – including Need For Speed

Humans are descended from fish-like creatures that gobbled MUD to survive


Pictured is the suspected Paris terrorist who was was rescued from a sinking migrant boat

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Five nightmare scenarios which show why Wikileaks’ surveillance revelations are so terrifying

Ultimate gaming chair is a giant ROBOT scorpion that 'cocoons and massages' you

'Impossible' black hole found in the Milky Way is so big it 'shouldn't exist'

Porn BANNED in UK from April 1 – but you can unlock it by buying £5 ‘porn card’ on your local high street

Nasa asteroid alert as 2,100-foot space rock to 'skim Earth' at 14,000mph in just three weeks

Epic Games apologises to fans as it pulls super-powerful Infinity Blade blamed for ruining $1m tournament