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Russia stages huge show of force in Crimea with 'combat readiness check'

Dad-to-be killed in triple death crash as heartbroken pregnant girlfriend loses her ‘soul-mate’

Extinction Rebellion activists smash windows at HSBC in Canary Wharf on Earth Day

You can get paid £1k just to SLEEP as mattress company seeks ‘nap reviewers’ - but the application closes soon

Greta Thunberg hits out at people in power for continuing to ignore the climate crisis

Mother hen shelters three kittens like they are her babies

Couple who bought dream home left with £88,000 bill to stop crumbling garden collapsing into stream

Defiant woman confronts fly-tippers dumping building waste at a beauty spot

Hospital employee skipped work for 15 YEARS unnoticed taking home £464,000 in pay

Bizarre moment airport workers push a passenger jet after the pilot took a wrong turn


Harry Potter fans queue for hours to see Hogwarts Express only for a commuter train to block the view

Prince Harry calls out 'institutional racism'

Dad filmed a clip of his daughter every week until she turned 20 Credit: YT/Hofmeester

Large cat causes rail disruption 😂

This is how hot the UK is right now 😮 #heatwave 

Pilot lands plane sideways in heavy crosswinds at Bristol Airport ?✈️

You’ve been using salt and pepper shakers all wrong

Firefighters show the dangers of deep-frying turkey for Thanksgiving

6-month-old baby breaks world record for youngest person to waker ski 🎥: richcaseyhumpherys