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As Vladimir Putin is now finding out, relying on the draft to force young people to fight unjust wars is not a successful strategy. Read Today on TAP from @HaroldMeyerson :

Italy just elected a far-right coalition led by neofascist Giorgia Meloni. Why? Besides Italy’s notorious political instability and personal rivalry in Italy as elsewhere, the economy is not serving ordinary people. @rkuttnerwrites  explains:

Read @ddayen ’s feature piece on how the Inflation Reduction Act was the result of decades-old policy fights, and what this tells us about future opportunities to pass legislation

Democrats need high turnout to hold the House and expand their majority in the Senate this November. But what generates turnout? Campaigns can’t just rely on the issues.. Potential voters need to be organized. @rkuttnerwrites :

One set of voices was curiously silent in Build Back Better: the think tank leaders, issue advocates, and ideological groups organizing around progressive policy. That wasn’t for lack of trying. In the end, the IRA was an inside operation.

Veterans Affairs research is in jeopardy due to legal guidance from the Department of Justice that few veterans, veteran service organizations, or legislators on Capitol Hill are aware of.

Investors are attracted to buy now, pay later services because of their use among Gen Z and millennial consumers. But a report by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau shows BNPL companies are engaging in a number of exploitative practices.

The Democrats’ approach to economics has changed. @mtomasky  how an oppositional assessment of the economy became mainstream. From @Eric_Alterman :

Last month, a federal judge ruled on one of the most under-the-radar scams in the business world. FleetCor, claiming to provide “discount” gas credit cards, didn’t give discounts at all: the cards were riddled with hidden charges. @ddayen  reports:


An estimated 160 people died in Sheriff Arpaio's "concentration camps." Trump pardoned him on Friday.

ICYMI: Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Ayanna Pressley are trying to stop student loan servicer Navient from misleading borrowers into refinancing their loans, which would make them ineligible for debt cancellation.

Democratic senators are demanding answers on Carl Icahn's ethics conflicts and his role in policymaking

NEW: @ZackKopplin  and @basmoose  identified nearly 300 properties, with a combined worth in the nine-figure range, connected to Iraqi Kurdistan’s Barzani family. It’s hard to imagine a licit reason for the layers of secrecy and smoke screens.

Steve Bannon called the Prospect's @rkuttner  with some things to say about trade — and his enemies:

@RBReich  on how the Republican tax plan has been used to redistribute wealth to the already wealthy:

Repealing the Affordable Care Act would be a tax giveaway to the wealthiest few, at the expense of everyone else.

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. on Trump's cutting of regulations that protect us from being harmed, fleeced, injured, or sickened by corporate products and services.

Paul Ryan's tax plan is a massive giveaway for Corporate America and the 1 percent: #TrickleDowners 

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