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The real reason GOP Senators are pretend-outraged about @RepAdamSchiff  citing the "heads on pikes" story is that it starkly exposes an important truth -- not just about Trump, but also about *them.*

A question about the fake GOP outrage about @RepAdam Schiff citing CBS's "head on a pike" reporting. Why aren't the Sens directing their outrage at CBS? Why aren't reporters who are pretending the GOP outrage is real asking Sens why they're raging at Schiff, and not at CBS?

@JRubinBlogger  @waltshaubE  @RepAdamSchiffxactly  -- they're not even objecting to the initial CBS report! They're only criticizing Schiff's *citation* of it, and lots of people are getting snookered by it.

@chrislhayes  "I'm shaking with rage! I'm so furious that I must go lie down and I will have nothing more to say about this meticulous, three-day presentation about Trump's crimes, corruption, selling out of an ally, contempt for the Constitution, subverting the national interests to his own "

Any GOPer who claims to want an investigation of the Bidens should immediately be asked: "Why not vote to hear new witnesses and evidence, then? Wouldn't that allow you to subpoena the Bidens?" Good @pkcapitol  report on the latest GOP windmill tilting:


1) As Trump ends the year with a flood of lies about his wall, we need to recapture a core truth about this presidency. Trump isn't “twisting the truth” or “stubbornly refusing to admit error.” Trump is engaged in *disinformation.* This is a different thing entirely. *THREAD*

McConnell's vow of a rigged trial gives Dems an opening. They can try to force votes on fairer rules, and call for admission of new evidence, putting vulnerable Rs in a tough spot. Expert@mollyereynolds  helps explain the process. @paulwaldman1  and me:

1) This is extraordinary. Sinclair is now reportedly requiring dozens of local stations to air a segment that defends the tear-gassing of migrants and describes them as an “invasion of our country.” I’m not sure we’ve figured out how to conceptualize this adequately. *THREAD*

Two questions about the "take her out" audio of Trump on Yovanovitch: Why is POTUS, who has the power to remove ambassadors, conspiring with goons to do so? WTF is SDNY doing, and is Barr interfering? New piece, w/former prosecutor @glennkirschner2 :

This is really something. @RepAdamSchiff  said on CBS today that the Director of National Intelligence has told the Intel Committee that he was instructed not to turn over the whistleblower's complaint by a "higher authority":

It's time for Democrats to let go of the idea that Trump's GOP defenders can be *shamed* into acknowledging Trump's criminality. We need a deep reset. It's time to rhetorically treat Trump's defenders like his *criminal accomplices.* My new piece:

Narratives that just died: -- African Americans won't turn out -- Trump's formidable last minute entry will swing election -- Pro-choice stance doomed Jones -- Bannon's use of Nazi/Soviet propaganda techniques was fiendishly brilliant