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Interesting: A large coalition of progressive and pro-immigrant groups is calling on Dem leaders to include legal protections for immigrant essential workers and others in first relief package. Idea is immigrants have contributed to addressing Covid crisis. Organized by @amprog :

Don't get snowed by fake GOP outrage about Biden's criticism of right wing extremism. It's a sucker's game, a bad-faith effort to redefine "unity" as agreeing to absolve Republicans from blame for enabling Trump and his attack on our country. My latest:

Here's my definition: When Biden says unity is essential for national renewal, he means some kind of bundle of civic peace, democratic coexistence, and mutual acknowledgment of the legitimacy of the opposition, not unity of thought.

"As for Trump’s lack of grace in making himself the first president in 152 years not to attend the inauguration of his successor, it turned out to be a blessing. Trump’s absence underscored how quickly the country was moving beyond him." Nice, @EJDionne :

Josh Hawley's ludicrous clean-up act continues. He just claimed that by enabling Trump's lie about the election, he was "representing" his constituents. Nope. He deliberately misled them, in a cynical gamble on the radicalization of the GOP. New piece:


NEW: All the Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee just wrote a letter to Vice President Pence, urging him to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump:

This is a huge tell. A GOP strategist tells Bloomberg that Senate Republicans don't want a big stimulus bill now because they want to pivot hard to austerity under a Biden presidency, which could cripple it. No wonder McConnell is laughing. New piece:

It's time for news organizations to cover Trump's current moves as an effort to steal the election. No more euphemisms. That's what they're doing. And no, the fact that it is not going to work doesn't give you an escape clause from describing it clearly and accurately.

NEW: Dems have found a measure that Rs buried in the stimulus that would restrict small business money from going to a range of health care providers that take Medicaid. This includes providers for the disabled and even rape crisis centers. New piece:

Holy crap. This is from the new DHS whistleblower complaint. He says he was ordered to "modify" a threat assessment, particularly "the section on White Supremacy" to make "the threat appear less severe," and "include information on the prominence of violent 'left-wing' groups."

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Mitch McConnell is falsifying the history of how we got the rescue package, all to save his Georgia senators. But he and Republicans were the chief obstacles all along, and only broke under political duress. Here's a look at the timeline. It's damning: