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Here's how the scheme works: Trump and Republicans will only try to get mail ballots tossed in states where he's on track to lose if all of them are counted. This is why they can tell their own people to use vote by mail while claiming it's fraudulent:

"Trump's strategy is not to win a majority of the votes, just to win enough to be able to toss things to the lawyers." Read@froomkin  on the urgent need for the news media to rise to this moment:

Good catch. 538 now has Biden narrowly favored in Ohio:

Here @brianbeutler  urges us all to convey clearly that one party is "openly contemplating a procedural coup," which is posing genuine "internal threats to the ability of American citizens to choose their own leaders."

Don Jr. already has a Facebook video up mobilizing an "army" of supporters. Now imagine this multiplied by a gazillion as the election teeters on a knife's edge. I talked to disinformation expert @karenkornbluh , who pointed out the holes in Facebook's current policies on this:

1) There's a lot of talk that the stunning NYT revelations about Trump's tax avoidance won't hurt with his base. They'll only see it as more evidence of his shrewd mastery of an already-rigged system. But this take misses something much more fundamental.


McConnell's vow of a rigged trial gives Dems an opening. They can try to force votes on fairer rules, and call for admission of new evidence, putting vulnerable Rs in a tough spot. Expert@mollyereynolds  helps explain the process. @paulwaldman1  and me:

1) As Trump ends the year with a flood of lies about his wall, we need to recapture a core truth about this presidency. Trump isn't “twisting the truth” or “stubbornly refusing to admit error.” Trump is engaged in *disinformation.* This is a different thing entirely. *THREAD*

Holy crap. This is from the new DHS whistleblower complaint. He says he was ordered to "modify" a threat assessment, particularly "the section on White Supremacy" to make "the threat appear less severe," and "include information on the prominence of violent 'left-wing' groups."

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Trump just declared once again on Fox News that the outcome of the election cannot be legitimate if he loses. This is the third time he's made this claim explicit. Yet the political media just seems to largely tolerate it. That's insane. New piece:

Trump isn't trying to win. He's trying to get within cheating distance. Many top officials are placing their official duties and the levers of government at the disposal of his effort to hold power while losing the popular vote. I compiled 7 big examples:

1) This is extraordinary. Sinclair is now reportedly requiring dozens of local stations to air a segment that defends the tear-gassing of migrants and describes them as an “invasion of our country.” I’m not sure we’ve figured out how to conceptualize this adequately. *THREAD*