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Lending to China earns the World Bank a tidy profit, roughly $100m last year. This money can be used to help poor people elsewhere

America's military training programmes have two aims: improve foreign armed forces and cultivate upwardly-mobile officers

Asbestos, Quebec has lost half its population since the peak of asbestos production

Extending nationals' rights would demonstrate Britain's vaunted openness after Brexit, argues one campaigner

A whole world full of objects could contain the blueprints needed to make copies of themselves

Rappers in the north of England are the source of intense local pride

The revised USMCA will restrict trade somewhat more than NAFTA did

Victory for Boris Johnson’s all-new Tories. Listen to our “Editor’s picks” election special podcast to hear essential stories from The Economist, presented by our editor-in-chief @zannymb 

The ability to control one’s own private data needs to be recognised as a fundamental human right, says Lawrence Cappello#OpenFuture 


Brazil is in desperate need of reform, but Jair Bolsonaro would make a disastrous president. Our cover this week

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The Amazon is reaching a dangerous tipping-point. Beyond this, the rainforest is unlikely to survive

The recent death of a student and shooting of a protester have fanned the flames of Hong Kong's demonstrations

Donald Trump is politically inept, morally barren and temperamentally unfit for office

Democracy is under threat all around the world. There are four stages to dismantling a democracy, starting with a charismatic leader who pledges to save the people

A shortage of brides in China is causing major social shifts

How big is Africa really? Much bigger than it looks on most maps

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The new #BrexitDeal  is economically worse for Britain than the one negotiated by Theresa May last year

Which first lady wore the role best? Anna Wintour talks politics and fashion with @annemcelvoy  on “The Economist asks” podcast