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"Brazil cost" is one of factors that has driven Ford out of the country

For the first time, Donald Trump’s party is seriously reviewing its loyalty to him

A discovery made by chance reveals that some viruses can hitch lifts with certain bacterial species that they do not attack, to bring them to places rich in those that they do

The most glaring issue the Texas legislature should address but won’t is an overhaul of health care

In liberal democracies tech firms should adhere to local laws on speech. In autocracies they should default to the standards they observe in America

Campaigners see a link between the age of consent and the many sexual horrors suffered by Filipino children

Indian farmers have welcomed the suspension of three farm-reform acts, but say it is not enough to persuade them to stop their protest

Kuaishou is expected to hit a valuation of around $50bn when it goes public next month, lifting it above the platform you are reading this tweet on (worth $37bn)

"Communicating how science works to the wider public can be hard, but it is vital," writes Ursula Bassler, president of the @CERN  council, in #TheWorldIn2021 


Donald Trump is politically inept, morally barren and temperamentally unfit for office

The Amazon is reaching a dangerous tipping-point. Beyond this, the rainforest is unlikely to survive

The Nigerian soldiers waited until it was dark, took down CCTV cameras, turned off street lights and opened fire on young protesters kneeling peacefully in the streets

Japan has suffered just 18 covid deaths per million people, by far the lowest in the G7, without mass testing or strict lock downs

Schools had reopened and restaurants were becoming busy again

Texas is now seeing well over 6,000 new infections a day, five times the number of a month ago

Brazil is in desperate need of reform, but Jair Bolsonaro would make a disastrous president. Our cover this week

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The virus can stick around for at least three hours in the air

The recent death of a student and shooting of a protester have fanned the flames of Hong Kong's demonstrations