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Andrew Cuomo touched women inappropriately, groping and kissing them, concluded a report into accusations of sexual harassment against him

If the euro zone is to become truly normal, a corollary is that the bonds issued by its members’ governments should be almost interchangeable

“The blast has left its mark – on my grandmother and on the rest of the country”: @margaretkadifa  describes how the explosion in Beirut last year has taken its toll

A rise in individualism that emphasises personal happiness is the biggest factor in an increase in cutting family ties

Kristina Timanovskaya is not your typical dissident. A track-and-field Olympian representing Belarus in Tokyo, she never criticised the government nor its despotic president

Today on “The Intelligence”: one year after the tragic blast in Beirut’s port, a special episode examines the many questions and challenges that remain

It has never been properly established quite how gold is lodged in the pyrite

A century on from the discovery of insulin, only around 10% of those who need it can actually get it. Why is it still inaccessible in much of the world? @IDDocJen  examines ways to improve access, on our “Babbage” podcast

The protest outside Mohammad Fahmi’s well-guarded house last month was a microcosm of Lebanon’s seemingly bottomless collapse


Mexico's president pursues ruinous policies by improper means. Our cover in Latin America this week argues that AMLO is a danger to democracy

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Donald Trump is losing the support of older voters, who are horrified by the now-exploding spread of covid-19

Schools had reopened and restaurants were becoming busy again

The Nigerian soldiers waited until it was dark, took down CCTV cameras, turned off street lights and opened fire on young protesters kneeling peacefully in the streets

Japan has suffered just 18 covid deaths per million people, by far the lowest in the G7, without mass testing or strict lock downs

Texas is now seeing well over 6,000 new infections a day, five times the number of a month ago

The virus can stick around for at least three hours in the air

Just 8.4% of the world’s population live in a “full democracy” according to The Economist Intelligence Unit’s latest Democracy Index

How India's prime minister and his party are endangering the world's biggest democracy. Our cover this week

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