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Resistant mutations have accompanied the promiscuous and sloppy use of antibiotics around the world

“I've felt for a long time like the punching bag.” @mariaressa , the joint winner of the #nobelpeaceprize2021 , shares her experience being targeted by online trolls. Listen to “The Economist Asks”

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A new wave of economic research focuses on real-world problems and is proving useful in times of crisis

For the microchip shortage that is depleting car inventories and dragging down sales, dealers in New York report to the Fed that they see “no end in sight”

To stop the slide towards lawlessness, Nigeria’s government should make its own forces obey the law, and beef up its police

For years, attempts to take xenotransplantation forward failed, because of problems stemming from immune rejection of the foreign organ

Is the answer to the perpetual question of what to wear actually nothing at all? From @1843mag 

The way money flows around the world is still overwhelmingly under the control of liberal democracies

Could a 10-tonne, steam-powered machine with 50,000 parts be the great-grandfather of the computer inside your mobile phone? On our “Babbage” podcast, @kncukier  investigates the origins of modern computing

In the 24 hours after France announced its vaccine mandate, 1m people signed up for jabs


Mexico's president pursues ruinous policies by improper means. Our cover in Latin America this week argues that AMLO is a danger to democracy

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Donald Trump is losing the support of older voters, who are horrified by the now-exploding spread of covid-19

Schools had reopened and restaurants were becoming busy again

The Nigerian soldiers waited until it was dark, took down CCTV cameras, turned off street lights and opened fire on young protesters kneeling peacefully in the streets

Japan has suffered just 18 covid deaths per million people, by far the lowest in the G7, without mass testing or strict lock downs

Texas is now seeing well over 6,000 new infections a day, five times the number of a month ago

The virus can stick around for at least three hours in the air

Just 8.4% of the world’s population live in a “full democracy” according to The Economist Intelligence Unit’s latest Democracy Index

How India's prime minister and his party are endangering the world's biggest democracy. Our cover this week

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