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How covid-19 walloped sea-cucumber catchers

In an art market built on tradable objects, how can museums and galleries remain relevant and artists who make ephemeral experiences get paid?

The Islamic world inspired Western artists for centuries

In the Xi era, a revolutionary spirit is one that submits to party authority

While the army can afford to suffer large casualties and weather economic collapse, it cannot repair the damage to its reputation

The woes of the Union are thrown into sharper relief by the discipline of the Green Party. On April 19th, the Greens will announce their first­ ever candidate for the chancellor

A new boss at L’Oréal will have to prove he is worth it

Many public-health experts have concerns about the way China's jab has been promoted in Hong Kong but are scared to speak publicly about it

In China, taboos around disturbing old graves were once so strong that even archaeologists shied from opening tombs. Now grave robbers star in films and books

The island of Chiloé’s boasts 286 varieties of native potato – they are nothing like the familiar spuds that most of us eat


Donald Trump is politically inept, morally barren and temperamentally unfit for office

The Amazon is reaching a dangerous tipping-point. Beyond this, the rainforest is unlikely to survive

Japan has suffered just 18 covid deaths per million people, by far the lowest in the G7, without mass testing or strict lock downs

The Nigerian soldiers waited until it was dark, took down CCTV cameras, turned off street lights and opened fire on young protesters kneeling peacefully in the streets

Schools had reopened and restaurants were becoming busy again

Brazil is in desperate need of reform, but Jair Bolsonaro would make a disastrous president. Our cover this week

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Texas is now seeing well over 6,000 new infections a day, five times the number of a month ago

Just 8.4% of the world’s population live in a “full democracy” according to The Economist Intelligence Unit’s latest Democracy Index

The virus can stick around for at least three hours in the air