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The National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center@niwrc ) works to end violence against Native women and children by offering culturally-grounded resources, technical training, and policy development to strengthen tribal sovereignty. Consider donating at

Even before the pandemic, access to child care was a problem. Now it’s gotten worse, and has led to lots of women leaving the workforce. Senator@PattyMurray  joins @roywoodjr , @DesiLydic  & segment director Sarah Hamblin in the latest episode of Beyond the Scenes.

TONIGHT: @alexwagner  of @SHO_TheCircus  is here to talk about the state of the Republican Party and the current political divide in America!

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Society: Stop spreading misinformation that leads to widespread chaos and death Zuckerberg: What if we went by Fbook?

Why are there fewer trees in non-white neighborhoods? It's that r-word again. @dulcesloan  reports.

Everyone cut @DesiLydic  some slack. She's doing her best.


Hannity. Rush. Dobbs. Ingraham. Pirro. Nunes. Tammy. Geraldo. Doocy. Hegseth. Schlapp. Siegel. Watters. Dr. Drew. Henry. Ainsley. Gaetz. Inhofe. Pence. Kudlow. Conway. Trump. Today, we salute the Heroes of the Pandumbic.

Fox News is right: Any idiot can read off a teleprompter

One man... immune to information. PANDUMBIC

Defund whatever the fuck this is

Just like we've seen in the U.S., the police in Nigeria are responding to protests about police brutality with more police brutality.

Chris Wallace's debate performance tonight is a great reminder that kindergarten teachers are underpaid. #Debates2020 

Tyranny check! Deploying federal agents in 2020 vs. 2014

@StaceyAbrams  what do you know about vaccine distribution