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Jeff Bezos was in space for 5 minutes—or as its known at the Amazon warehouse, your allotted break time for a 16-hour day

BREAKING: The Pulitzer Committee has decided to bestow a special Courage in Journalism Award to Sean Hannity for his statement that "COVID is bad, actually"

We would like to extend our best wishes to all, even the haters and losers, on this special date, the 25th anniversary of The Daily Show.

For these Republicans, who needs vaccines when you’ve got a DEATH WISH

“The principal denied me entrance into the school because I couldn't walk, and he said I could be a fire hazard.” Author and activist @judithheumann  on growing up disabled & fighting for disability rights. #ADA31 

Hey @TuckerCarlson  we know you didn't watch, but turns out we got the answers to your questions about January 6th

Here it is, your Moment of Zen.

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Hannity. Rush. Dobbs. Ingraham. Pirro. Nunes. Tammy. Geraldo. Doocy. Hegseth. Schlapp. Siegel. Watters. Dr. Drew. Henry. Ainsley. Gaetz. Inhofe. Pence. Kudlow. Conway. Trump. Today, we salute the Heroes of the Pandumbic.

One man... immune to information. PANDUMBIC

Defund whatever the fuck this is

Just like we've seen in the U.S., the police in Nigeria are responding to protests about police brutality with more police brutality.

Chris Wallace's debate performance tonight is a great reminder that kindergarten teachers are underpaid. #Debates2020 

Fox News is right: Any idiot can read off a teleprompter

Tyranny check! Deploying federal agents in 2020 vs. 2014

@StaceyAbrams  what do you know about vaccine distribution

Happy Juneteenth! The first U.S. holiday that's illegal to teach about in 15 states.