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It’s probably best to stay away from your gym for the moment. Here’s why, along with three stories we're following, in the latest Atlantic Daily:

If Amy Coney Barrett's faith "has put limits on her talent and ambition, there are few signs of it; you don’t get a seat on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals... so that you can keep your hand in and earn a little pin money," @CaitlinPacific  writes:

"It is easy to see why Trump appointees who work in institutions that deal with science and public health might be the first to break: Their jobs require them to grapple every day with data that they have to deny," @anneapplebaum  writes:

More than two centuries after its founding, "the United States stands alone in its handling of lifetime appointments to its highest court, and the drawbacks of a 'superannuated bench' have become ever more clear," @russellberman  reports:

Photos of the Week: Autumn colors in Wales, a ripple maze in Taiwan, “picture day” at a Connecticut school, a funnel cloud in Spain, surfing in South Africa, and much more, via @TheAtlPhoto :

"The U.S. cannot serve as a model for the world unless its republican institutions earn their keep," Charles A. Kupchan writes:

"Distance," a new poem by @HieuMinh : "I should be done now, done with it, / the life I wanted before I wanted / it simple."

"Grief in this country has always had an equity problem, and 2020 has only amplified the issue, as Black deaths have come in back-to-back blows," @marissaaevans  writes:


1/ President Trump, who never served in the military, canceled a 2018 visit to a cemetery where American troops are buried, saying: “Why should I go to that cemetery? It’s filled with losers.”

A man coughed up a giant blood clot in the exact shape of the critical airway it had been blocking. Doctors aren't sure how it came out in one piece, writes :

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Exclusive: In his first interview since serving as a key witness in the impeachment trial, Alexander Vindman tells @JeffreyGoldberg  that Americans should be worried about Donald Trump’s relationship with Vladimir Putin.

2/ The remark is one of several new revelations about Trump’s seeming contempt for military service, @JeffreyGoldberg  reports: