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Gayle King's interview with R. Kelly and E. Jean Carroll's memoir helped shape the #MeToo  conversation this year. @sophieGG , @megangarber , @ethiopienne , and @skornhaber  weigh in on the movement's most pivotal moments.

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NFL chief Roger Goodell proved @Kaepernick7  supporters correct, @jemelehill  writes. "The NFL is unwilling to tolerate black athletes’ outrage, outspokenness, and desire to exercise their power—even though all three are entirely justified."

"It was one of the deadliest attacks against Jews on American soil in the history of the United States," writes @Yascha_Mounk . "And yet the shooting ... barely seems to be penetrating the national conscience."

"In contrast with both Nixon and Clinton, Trump isn’t even denying the basic allegations," writes @Mario_A_Loyola . "He continues to think that he acted within the bounds of legality, if not perfectly appropriately ... and most Republicans agree."

"The one thing I did find myself thinking a lot was, 'God, I’d love to work with them as a couple.'" A couples therapist who watched ‘Marriage Story’ talks to @AshleyFetters  about its dysfunctional central relationship:

Adam Sandler's portrayal of a buffoonish jewel dealer might be the performance of his career, writes @davidlsims .

St. Marys is home to a conservative-Catholic community in which birth control is not used and boys and girls attend school separately. It is a town in which, if you are not a believer, you may not want to stay, @emmaogreen  reports.

The Society of St. Pius X community in St. Marys, Kansas—in which moms hope their daughters may become nuns, and men get time off to observe holy days—is a safe haven for conservative Catholics, @emmaogreen  reports.


A man coughed up a giant blood clot in the exact shape of the critical airway it had been blocking. Doctors aren't sure how it came out in one piece, writes :

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Here's Ta-Nehisi Coates on Kanye West championing a kind of freedom—"a white freedom, freedom without consequence, freedom without criticism, freedom to be proud and ignorant"—in the age of Donald Trump.

Speedy robots. Constant surveillance. Ruthless quotas. A new @reveal  investigation into why the injury rate for Amazon’s warehouse workers is sky-high:

"Decades ago, administrators at UT calculated that standardized tests would tamp down the number of African Americans at UT," @asherprice  argues:

1/ In our latest cover story, @fivefifths  investigates the war waged by deed of title that dispossessed black agricultural landowners of millions of acres.

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"If the president’s closest advisers believe that he is morally and intellectually unfit for his high office, they have a duty to do their utmost to remove him from it, by the lawful means at hand," writes

"Not in my memory has a sitting attorney general more diminished the credibility of his department on any subject." on the performance of Bill Barr:

Astronomers have puzzled over strange filaments at the center of the galaxy for decades. Now they've found the giant bubbles that house them, @marinakoren  reports:

Being a fan of the K-pop group BTS means becoming familiar with the many prejudices and hierarchies of taste that belittle the thing you love—and then deciding that none of it has any real power over you, @lenikacruz  writes