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Addis Ababa’s decision, announced on 29 January, to use the Common Framework drawn up by the @g20org  to negotiate its debt prompted @SPGlobal  to downgrade #Ethiopia 's rating from B to B- on 12 February.

In 2019, Acorn Holdings became the first #Kenyan  issuer to sell #greenbonds , raising $43m to house university students in Nairobi. Report by @whitehouse789 .

In 2020 the movement of goods from Asia surged, boosted by the massive stimulus packages in Europe and the US. But imports into #Africa  declined. The ocean container market on the continent contracted 5%.

#Niger has been hit hard by security crises in the Sahel, Libya and the Lake Chad basin, and is facing a new challenge from the Islamic State West Africa Province, a splinter group from #Nigeriaia 's Boko Haram Islamist rebels. Report @MathieuOliviery  .

“The fight against impunity and corruption is in line with the concerns raised by the Malian people [...], it raises fundamental questions about improving governance and the establishment of strong and credible institutions.” - PM @MoctarOUANE_PM 

Former interior minister Mohamed Bazoum@mohamedbazoum  won #Niger 's presidential election and now faces a raft of political, economic and security challenges. Report from @MathieuOlivier .

A sign of @OfficielGbagbo 's imminent return is the fact that several of his supporters still in exile are preparing to return to #cotedivoire . For example, @JKatinan , who has been in exile in #Ghana , will return for near parliamentary elections 6 March.

@Polisario_ was not actually created by ' #Algeria  government. it was a joint Algerian-Libyan initiative from the 1970s, when Sahrawi nationalism was on the rise. Algiers has been one of its driving forces for some time now. Find out more in our series.


‘The first generation makes it, the second generation spends it, and the third generation blows it.’ @NickNorbrook  on succession strategies in African companies.

A statement from The Africa Report about Oluwatosin Adeshokan, with whom we are terminating our relationship.

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Nigeria's BUA Group is building a new 200,000 bpd refinery in Akwa Ibom State. This morning it signed up France's leading hydrocarbon company Axens for the key technology licencing and design phase, writes @NickNorbrook  #nigeria  #france 

Nigeria has not paid its fees to the UN for 2019, unlike Syria and Zimbabwe, making life awkward for the UN Dep Sec Gen, Nigeria's Amina Mohammed... #nigeria  #UN  @EromoEgbejule 

#DRC ’s history is a long litany of theft & conflict. From slave trade, t #Belgian  colonisation, to Cold War manipulation & ensuing wars, those who suffered most r th #Congolese  . Will things change sinc @FelixUdps  has replaced Kabila, ask @surambaya  .

“If you’re a dollar-based investor, holding naira for a five-year period over the last 15 or so years, there’s an almost 90% chance that you will suffer a devaluation”, says @afalli  #nigeria  #investing 

"The main regret is that he died without facing justice for his atrocities which would have helped his victims find closure." - @SiphoMalunga  #Mugabe  #Zimbabwe 

#Zimbabwe : “Ownership of farms reflects a scandal in the land-reform prgm: the redistribution of land meant the best commercial farming lands went to oligarchs w/ strong govt connections. Ownership does not = agricultural productivity, @DrStephenChan 

#Tanzania ’s @magufulijp '>Presiden @MagufuliJP  say #COVID19  is not a problem. But one doctor at from Tanzania's Muhimbili National Hospital tells us: “We are pressured by the authorities not to attend to people who have coronavirus symptoms."