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The four candidates officially shortlisted for Prosecutor at the @IntlCrim Court (ICC) had to undergo a full-fledged job interview, a first for the Court, reports @MariemeBV 

A regularly updated interactive map showing the details of the spread of #COVID ー19 around #africa 

#Zambia 's mistaken spending priorities have narrowed its options in trying to avoid #debt  default while dealing with #COVID19  , reports @whitehouse789 

"I found that apps like #WhatsApp  have indeed grown public discourse by connecting more voices to participate in live talkback #Radio  ," says @stanley_tsarwe 

A regularly updated interactive map showing the details of the spread of #COVID ー19 around #Africa 

#Zambia ' #economy  was doing badly even befor #COVID19  making the curren #debt  situation “unsustainable”, says John Paton, CEO of the British Chamber of Commerce i #Zambia  . Report b @whitehouse789 

Since day 1 of #Ethiopia 's @AbiyAhmedAli  , much change has taken place. "Although most of these reforms were welcomed, there were still pockets of discontent and grievance." -Sr official of PM's government

"My study showed that, at least in terms of volume, the convergence between #Radio  and #Mobile  #phones  is stretching out the public sphere to accommodate more voices," explains @stanley_tsarwe 


‘The first generation makes it, the second generation spends it, and the third generation blows it.’ @NickNorbrook  on succession strategies in African companies.

Emmerson Mnangagwa told us the voice of the people is the voice of God. He didn’t listen to either. Now he faces a people’s power movement, writes @SiphoMalunga  #Zimbabwe  #coronavirus 

Nigeria has not paid its fees to the UN for 2019, unlike Syria and Zimbabwe, making life awkward for the UN Dep Sec Gen, Nigeria's Amina Mohammed... #nigeria  #UN  @EromoEgbejule 

“If you’re a dollar-based investor, holding naira for a five-year period over the last 15 or so years, there’s an almost 90% chance that you will suffer a devaluation”, says @afalli  #nigeria  #investing 

"The main regret is that he died without facing justice for his atrocities which would have helped his victims find closure." - @SiphoMalunga  #Mugabe  #Zimbabwe 

#Namibia responded to #COVID19  through a collective response of many stakeholders, both governmental and non-governmental, making it one of the few countries globally to have the lowest recorded cases of #coronavirus  reports @tofeayeni 

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