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From #Nigeria ’s Ugochukwu Emebiriodo to #SouthAfrica ’s Tony Gum, @Joseph_Omoh_  looks at the top 20 #African  artists and creatives you don’t want to miss.

#Nigeria2023 : Candidates’ application forms obtained by The Africa Report from the INEC reveal that a number of politicians have dual citizenship, including Femi Gbajabiamila and Bukola Saraki. Report b @ENIBOY 

Since Williams Ruto assumed #Kenya ’s office last year, more than half a dozen high-profile corruption and criminal cases against his allies have been dropped.

Compared to other emerging markets, “ #SouthAfrica  looks good” and was one of Bank of America’s top calls for local currency debt markets at the end of 2022. This stance remains unchanged going into 2023. Report by @PhillipXolisa 

In July 2022, #Zimbabwe  introduced gold coins as part of several policy measures to ease demand for the greenback, stabilise the ZWL exchange rate, and tame resurgent inflation.

#Nigeria : “Osun State will be an interesting state to watch next month, but the PDP must not assume that it will deliver the state easily to Atiku because it defeated the APC at the last governorship election.” More in our series b @ENIBOY 

The Israelis appear to be contributing to African countries by introducing various technological innovations, agricultural and hydraulic, digital and financial, which have helped develop the continent in just a few decades.

The PDP Governor for Osun State has been sacked. What could this mean for next month’s Presidential poll? And what role did new voting system BVAS play in the result? 🔵 @ENIBOY  reports

From #Gabon ’s Naïla Opiangah @Bouenguidi  to #Mozambique ’s Cassi Namoda, @Joseph_Omoh_  looks at the top 20 #African  artists and creatives you don’t want to miss.


#Eritrea has renewed its involvement in #Ethiopia ’s Tigray war, sending divisions across its southern border this week in what appears to be a major new offensive.

Peter Obi enjoys major support from #Nigeria ’s youth – the largest demographic in Africa’s biggest democracy – and now hopes to galvanise this support into a revolution of sorts. #sorosoke 

According to the World Bank, #Nigeria  now has the highest rate of multidimensional #poverty  in the world, attracting the label of “poverty capital of the world”.

"After 30 years of power gained and kept by arms, the TPLF still believes that it can use arms to impose a political solution. The 24 August attack was launched for this very purpose. [..]" - @_HenokTeferra  #Ethiopia  #Tigray 

#Algeria 's refusal to allo #Morocco  to fly in its footballers is a sign it may not be ready to host an African Cup of Nations

#Ethiopia - #Tigray : Strikes have continued to target public areas, with an attack last Friday hitting a children's play area in the region, killing seven people, including women and children. Report by @JaysimHanspal .

Is Eritrea the biggest stumbling block to peace in #Ethiopia ? “They’re not interested in negotiating,” says a diplomat in Addis Ababa, referring to #Eritrea . “They want to wipe out the TPLF." #Tigray 

#Tigray forces #TPLF  have called on the international community to help them facilitate the release of 4,200 POWs, a major possible step towards peace in northern #Ethiopia  after 18 months of conflict. Report by @FredHarter