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#Kenya : Raila Odinga’s promise to appoint Kalonzo Musyoka as his chief cabinet secretary, should he win the elections, did not soften Musyoka’s resolve to leave, despite President Kenyatta’s efforts to break the deadlock failed.

A skeptic of #US  military interventionism, Lloyd Austin has still identified the war in #Ukraine  as an opportunity to ensure that a “weakened” #Russia  no longer has the power to invade its neighbours. 10 things to know about Lloyd --> By @JulianPecquet 

After focusing on domestic routes during the height of the crisis, @RAM_Maroc  has gradually restored its regional & intercontinental routes, while developing new partnerships. Eg, it concluded a code-share agreement with @EL_AL_AIRLINES  on 13 March

#Zambia : "Finding the right buyer on the right terms will be an important litmus test of the government's private-sector-led approach to the [mining] industry," writes Christopher Vandome o @ChathamHouse  .

#Zambia #Kenya , an #Egypt  are th #African  countries which have the highest requirement to roll over domestic debt in 2022, says Standard & Poor’s sovereign specialist Frank Gill. Report b @whitehouse789  .

“The #Tanzanian  one [mobile money service]...has not worked out well from the perspective of financial inclusion. It dropped volumes up to 40% when the initial …[levies] were put in..." says @Vodacom  Group CEO Shameel Joosub. Report by @PhillipXolisa .

#Nigeria needs to spend $100bn annually for the next 30 years to effectively close its infrastructure gap. Private sector involvement will be essential, says @iamsaharagroup 's managing director @koladesina . Report by @Lawatem .

#SouthAfrica 's Ivor Ichikowitz admitted contributing $405,600 to the election campaign of Jacob Zuma and during his tenure, Paramount established itself as a leading military and aviation company. More in our series 👇


When the Ethiopian government launched an armed offensive against the Tigray region in 2020, it withdrew troops from international peacekeeping missions

Tigray leader Debretsion Gebremichael makes the case for why the #Tigray  government should not face international sanctions #ethiopia 

"I am writing this open letter because I fear that the glitz & glamour of #AddisAbaba  at this time is deceptive. The genocidal war on #Tigray  & its many tragedies are in stark contrast to the allure of Addis & the country’s progress in the past 30 years."

The #UN  Sec-Genl stated that #Ethiopia  has no legal right to expel" UN officials. However, the institution has not taken any steps to protect its representatives, reports Saba Mah’derom

On 8 February, a group of lawyers submitted a landmark complaint to the AU's @achpr_cadhp , accusing #Ethiopia 's government of serious human rights violations against civilians in #Tigray . What can come out of it? Report by @FredHarter .

Since its independence three decades ago, #Eritrea  has been involved in international conflicts with the #Sudan , #Djibouti , #Yemen  and #Ethiopia , writes @reda_getachew 

Situation in #Tigray : “prices for staples like cooking oil have soared by up to 500%. Looting and vandalism by warring parties have knocked out 54% percent of the region’s water points, meaning 3.5 million people have no access to safe drinking water.

#Ethiopia : "Although the pressures of your profession often understandably force you to lie, you should not make truth a cheap commodity to be treated as you like," says @DrNaolBK  in this open letter to #AbiyAhmedAli  calling for his resignation

The US House advanced legislation Tuesday afternoon mandating that the Joe Biden administration draw up a strategy for #Ethiopia  and make public its assessment of whether the war in #Tigray  amounts to #genocide . Report by @JulianPecquet .