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A searingly feminist 1925 memoir of life in small-town Texas rises from the dustbin of patriarchy.

GOP mapmakers have two new congressional seats to play with as the redistricting process commences. But ensuring they both go—and stay—Republican will be challenging. +

What else does Corsicana have to brag about, other than canned chili and fruitcakes? A native poses the question to @thetexanist :

GOP mapmakers have two new congressional seats to play with as the redistricting process commences, but ensuring they both go—and stay—Republican will be challenging. +

This year, lawmakers passed a series of laws aimed at fixing Texas's foster care system. Among the reforms, which some lawyers call "revolutionary," is one that protects "non-offending parents" from having to work with CPS in order to obtain custody.

To design a backyard oasis with climate in mind, watch the sun move across the sky and take note of where it rises and sets over your property, and at which times of day. More gardening tips for a changing climate from landscape designer James Burnett:

In the first phase of the pandemic, restaurant workers could point their customers to a statewide mask mandate. Now that the mandate has ended, restaurant personnel have become reluctant de facto enforcers.

Despite the team's success, the marriage of convenience between Dusty Baker and the Astros may have run its course. The 72-year-old's contract is set to expire after this season. +

The Hood County sheriff blames ChristopherWhiteley's death on a big cat—but animal experts aren't buying that theory. But if a mountain lion didn't kill Whiteley, who or what did?


As of this morning, some 2.7 million homes throughout the state still lack power. A roundup of resources compiled by Texas outlets:

May you, Ted Cruz, forget yourself and drink a glass of the spooky tap water without thinking. May you get the runs. Mid-flush, may your toilet shudder and cease to operate. Plus twelve more curses worthy of the senator:

#BlackLivesMatter protests haven't been confined to Texas's largest cities. Here are some marches organized in other places across the state ?

Car clubs have gathered for decades at "Chicano Park" in Austin's East Cesar Chavez neighborhood. Now, many residents of a newly built luxury apartment building across the street have decided it's time for the weekly event to come to an unceremonious end.

President Trump called the five-year sentence for former National Security Agency translator Reality Winner, convicted for leaking documents about Russian election interference, "unfair," but he has not granted her clemency.

Ten years after first teasing her fans with news of an upcoming Spanish album, Selena Gomez has finally delivered. 'Revelación' is a lush, dance-infused fantasy that features a singer brimming with confidence.