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🗣 Sir Gordon Messenger warns extra funding could be wasted without urgent reforms made to improve the health service

🗣 Former PM to warn that the threat posed by Beijing is not being taken seriously enough, as she continues her return to the political fray

🔵 Grant Shapps says that Deputy PM deserves a fair hearing amid allegations of intimidating behaviour towards staff

🔴 Former ministers sign letter voicing their disapproval ahead of legislation being debated on Monday

🎶 Beyonce becomes the most decorated Grammy artist, passing late Hungarian-British conductor Georg Solti

🚨Turkey is calling for international aid following a devastating earthquake that has also caused damage in parts of Syria and panic in neighbouring countries.

🖊 "The PM’s critics are indulging in the comfort of fantasy. He has little time to undo their errors" | Writes Nick Timothy

🎨This museum is positioning the artist Jacobus Vrel as Vermeer’s “forerunner”

🏨There are historical hotels – and then there is the Spread Eagle, England’s oldest coaching inn, in the South Downs market town of Midhurst

📺 Despite his recent controversy, Jeremy Clarkson is back with farmhand Kaleb for more undeniably entertaining agricultural pratfalls


🔴Angry Russian mothers have accused Vladimir Putin of deploying their sons as "cannon fodder" in his invasion of UkraineRead more here👇

🔭It is proven: black holes warp the very fabric of space. 🌌Astronomers have seen the back of a black hole for the first time, proving Albert Einstein's 1915 theory of general relativity right Thread 🧵

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💉Teenage boys are six times more likely to suffer from heart problems from the vaccine than be hospitalised from Covid-19, a major study has found

🚨 BREAKING: Imran Khan, the former Pakistani prime minister, has reportedly been injured in a shooting attack targeting his supporters as they marched on the capital Islamabad

Exclusive: Telegraph journalists tracked down Nirav Modi, the billionaire diamond tycoon who is a suspect for the biggest banking fraud in India's history

💉 The AstraZeneca vaccine may increase the risk of the serious neurological condition Guillain-Barré syndrome with the jab’s Trojan horse delivery system possibly to blame, scientists believe, in a discovery which may apply to similar vaccines