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Boris Johnson’s hopes of winning a Parliamentary majority have received a significant boost after the Brexit Party fielded just 274 candidates, giving the Tories a clear run in several key marginals

"Unfortunately for him, a second term is going to be far more of a stretch," writes Jeremy Warner

What would the Brexit party actually do if they were in charge? Today's 60 sec challenge with @asabenn  tries to tackle what @Nigel_Farage  would do if allowed anywhere near Downing Street

The former PM said that she 'intentionally hides her feelings' to avoid sexism

Mr Farage has claimed he had repeatedly been offered a seat in the House of Lords in an attempt to persuade him to "go quietly"

"By choosing to see Brexiteers as backward-looking nostalgics, they assumed the Eurosceptic cause would fade away with the passing of time"

Polls indicate that the easiest way for Labour to get into government would be a pact with the SNP

'No one in politics wants to talk about the undocumented – or “illegal” – migrants because no one can agree what to do about them.'


Boris Johnson's chief strategist Dominic Cummings has warned Remainer MPs attempting to block a no-deal Brexit that they do not get to "choose which votes they respect"

Emmanuel Macron will warn Theresa May that Britain will never have a say over trade negotiations if it joins a customs union with the EU at tonight’s summit in Brussels

School spending to fall by 7 per cent if Conservatives win election, Institute for Fiscal Studies says

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Just a reminder for @jeremycorbyn  of all the times he’s called for an election this year 💁‍♀️

"Our Prime Minister's only crime – as far as millions of us are concerned – is to try and implement the will of the people," writes @allisonpearson 

@Nigel_Farage  interview: 'At the end of this campaign the #Brexit  Party will be a lot bigger than the Conservatives'