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Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin discloses hack that emptied its hot wallets; the loss is currently estimated at a minimal $150M @campuscodi  / ZDNet)

Elon Musk voiced his discontent on Twitter that OpenAI is exclusively licensing GPT-3 to Microsoft saying "OpenAI is essentially captured by Microsoft" @Hamilbug  / BusinessInsider)

Interviews with Michael Abrash and Andrew Bosworth on the tech behind Facebook's AR glasses, how Facebook will use the personal data from the glasses, more @thesullivan  / Fast Company)

Amazon, which had struggled to gain a foothold in Italy, benefited from a shift to online shopping during pandemic lockdown as 75% of Italians shopped online (New York Times)

FedEx CEO says the company is working with Reliable Robotics to pilot the use of an unmanned single-engine aircraft for cargo delivery @Matt_Lnrd  / Supply Chain Dive)

Winklevoss Twins' cryptocurrency exchange Gemini expands to UK after receiving an electronic-money license from the country's Financial Conduct Authority (Bloomberg)

Parts of Amazon's law enforcement request portal that are visible on the web provide a rare glimpse into how the company handles law enforcement requests @zackwhittaker  / TechCrunch)

A look at VC Guide, which lets startup founders post reviews on VCs anonymously, as critics say it is focused on individuals rather than on firm-level feedback @bizcarson  / Protocol)

A look at the Zhenhua database, created by a Chinese tech company with government ties, that compiles personal info on ~2.4M people globally, most from the US @ThePolarJournal  / Washington Post)


Sources: Jack Dorsey has personally weighed in on content decisions at Twitter and overruled staff to keep Alex Jones and reinstate Richard Spencer's account (Wall Street Journal)

Amazon confirms some Alexa devices are randomly laughing and says it's working on a fix, after multiple users posted about it on social media ( / The Verge)

Apple, which only used Google Safe Browsing for malicious site warnings earlier, now says in fine print it may also use Tencent Safe Browsing, which can log IPs@matthew_d_green  / A Few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering)

Report: Myspace has lost all the photos, videos, and music its users uploaded between 2003 and 2015 due to data corruption during a server migration project ( / Boing Boing)

Analysis of FCC net neutrality comments finds over 1M pro-repeal were likely faked and 99% of organic comments were in favor of keeping rules ( / Hacker Noon)

Uber to end operations in Colombia on January 31, after courts side with the local competition authority, which found that Uber broke market rules @lauren_feiner  / CNBC)

Senate votes 50-48 to repeal Obama-era regulations on ISPs sharing customer data @hshaban )

Facebook admits it stored some user passwords in plain text, searchable by employees; source says it may have been between 200M and 600M user passwords (Krebs on Security)

After initial rejection, Apple approves Wehe, an app that detects net neutrality violations by testing download speeds and video throttling in seven apps ( / Motherboard)