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All-in-one HR service Personio raises $125M Series D at a $1.7B post-money valuation co-led by Index Ventures and Meritech @ingridlunden  / TechCrunch)

Social media algorithms amplify the reach of incendiary, misinformation-filled, conspiracy theories, and users have no control over them @JoannaStern  / Wall Street Journal)

On this day in 2014📜, WSJ reported Dropbox reached a $10B valuation in a funding round. Six years later, the company currently trades with a $9.1B market cap.

Amateur digital sleuths have joined massive crowdsourcing efforts on social media to track violent Capital rioters, passing the evidence to authorities (Los Angeles Times)

Sources: as German car trading service Auto1 plans its IPO, Sequoia and Lone Pine will each buy €50M shares from existing investors and put €50M+ into its IPO (Bloomberg)

Tech giants are bracing for tougher regulation under Biden's administration, as Democrats' calls for regulation have become more urgent after Capitol attacks (Washington Post)


Sources: Jack Dorsey has personally weighed in on content decisions at Twitter and overruled staff to keep Alex Jones and reinstate Richard Spencer's account (Wall Street Journal)

Amazon confirms some Alexa devices are randomly laughing and says it's working on a fix, after multiple users posted about it on social media ( / The Verge)

Report: Myspace has lost all the photos, videos, and music its users uploaded between 2003 and 2015 due to data corruption during a server migration project ( / Boing Boing)

Apple, which only used Google Safe Browsing for malicious site warnings earlier, now says in fine print it may also use Tencent Safe Browsing, which can log IPs@matthew_d_green  / A Few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering)

Analysis of FCC net neutrality comments finds over 1M pro-repeal were likely faked and 99% of organic comments were in favor of keeping rules ( / Hacker Noon)

Parler CEO says the company has been dropped by "every vendor from text message services to email providers to our lawyers", which could end the business @BruceHaring  / Deadline)

SolarWinds' top investors Silver Lake and Thoma Bravo sold a combined $286M worth of stock in the company on Dec. 7, six days before the hack was made public (Washington Post)

A pessimistic look at Facebook and its enormous, uncontrollable impact on the US and world, giving Zuckerberg incredible power with little oversight @AdrienneLaF  / The Atlantic)

Senate votes 50-48 to repeal Obama-era regulations on ISPs sharing customer data @hshaban )