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Infogrid, which uses AI to collect and analyze IoT data on building air quality, occupancy, and more, raised a $90M Series B led by Northzone and AO Proptech @kyle_l_wiggers  / TechCrunch) RAUbixDJL3

In draft guidelines, the Cyberspace Administration of China details plans to require a security review of generative AI tools before their release (Bloomberg)

Research: supporters of a separatist movement in Punjab, India, are using Twitter bots to promote violence, sharing content before Twitter's safety team can act @josephmenn  / Washington Post)

Open-source LLMs are having a moment after the LLaMA leak and releases from Stanford and others, prompting debates over the pros and cons of open and closed AI @sharongoldman  / VentureBeat)

The Commerce Department's NTIA begins exploring possible rules for ChatGPT and other generative AI tools, requesting comment from the public over accountability @ryanjtracy  / Wall Street Journal) LsFN7y6Fsw

YouTube says NFL Sunday Ticket passes will cost between $249 to $489 depending on subscription and package; the company reportedly paid $2B for the NFL package @pierce  / The Verge) Jct1XO2reS

AlphaSense, which offers financial data to businesses, raised $100M led by CapitalG at a $1.8B valuation, after raising $225M at a $1.7B valuation in June 2022 @jonathanvanian  / CNBC) Vz8JsWZK5e

A survey of 10,701 US adults: ~66% are not confident current ways to invest, trade, and use crypto are reliable and safe; 17% have used crypto, similar to 2022 (Pew Research Center) Nm6hnpn8Pa


Former Disney CEO Bob Iger says the company found that "a substantial portion" of Twitter's users were "not real", when Disney considered buying Twitter in 2016 @pkafka  / Vox)

An NFT of Jack Dorsey's first-ever tweet, which sold for $2.9M last year, has been up for sale since last week and has failed to garner a bid over $1K @iamsandali  / CoinDesk)

Report: Myspace has lost all the photos, videos, and music its users uploaded between 2003 and 2015 due to data corruption during a server migration project ( / Boing Boing)

Hackers drain nearly all of the ~$190M in crypto from the Nomad token bridge, which is backed by Coinbase and OpenSea, over a long series of transactions @NewarBrian  / Cointelegraph)

Sources: Twitter plans to change Twitter Blue into a $19.99 subscription that verifies users; staff are told they will be fired if they don't build it by Nov. 7 @alexeheath  / The Verge)

Email: VC firm Greenoaks warned founders of potential problems at SVB in November 2022; a source says over 12 portfolio companies withdrew ~$1B in recent months @lizette_chapman  / Bloomberg)

Facebook admits it stored some user passwords in plain text, searchable by employees; source says it may have been between 200M and 600M user passwords (Krebs on Security)

Uber to end operations in Colombia on January 31, after courts side with the local competition authority, which found that Uber broke market rules @lauren_feiner  / CNBC)

Amazon is quietly transitioning its US warehouse workers to 10-hour graveyard shifts; labor experts say the move is to cut costs and pay for fewer benefits @LaurenKGurley  / VICE)