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Mexico City-based Yaydoo, a B2B software and payments startup, raises $20.4M Series A led by Base10 Partners and monashees @ChristineMHall  / TechCrunch)

Kuaishou says it will shut down its Zynn video sharing app on August 20, ending its ill-fated attempt to compete with TikTok in North America @pingroma  / Bloomberg)

Overview of the severe shortage of cybersecurity workers across the US government and private sector, despite an unprecedented slate of hacking threats @Joseph_Marks_  / Washington Post)

California AG's case examples of CCPA enforcement seem to indicate that companies can't rely on trade groups' blanket opt-out tools not tailored to CCPA @lowbrowkate  / Digiday)

Microsoft pauses free trials of its new Windows 365 service, which lets users stream Windows 10 or 11 via web browser, after "significant demand" @tomwarren  / The Verge)


Many large websites are down including Amazon, Twitch, BBC, NYT, Spotify, Reddit, and FT, apparently due to an issue at the Fastly CDN network @refsrc  / TechCrunch)

Amazon is quietly transitioning its US warehouse workers to 10-hour graveyard shifts; labor experts say the move is to cut costs and pay for fewer benefits @LaurenKGurley  / VICE)

Parler CEO says the company has been dropped by "every vendor from text message services to email providers to our lawyers", which could end the business @BruceHaring  / Deadline)

SolarWinds' top investors Silver Lake and Thoma Bravo sold a combined $286M worth of stock in the company on Dec. 7, six days before the hack was made public (Washington Post)

Uber to end operations in Colombia on January 31, after courts side with the local competition authority, which found that Uber broke market rules @lauren_feiner  / CNBC)

China issues regulations for food delivery platforms, mandating minimum wage, respect for worker rights, and more, leading to Meituan shares dropping by 14%+ (Bloomberg)

Sources say Discord is exploring a sale that could value it at $10B+, with one source saying it is in the final stage of negotiations @deantak  / VentureBeat)