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A draft EU proposal would force food delivery and ride-hailing apps to reclassify as many as 4.1M workers as employees, costing the sector up to $5.1B per year (Bloomberg)

Instagram has quietly rolled out a pop-up over the past year encouraging users to "try a new account" to help them "keep up with a smaller group of friends" @dalvin_brown  / Wall Street Journal)

Journalists and activists worry Twitter's new privacy policy will be weaponized and make their jobs harder, due to vague terms like "the public interest" @mathewi  / Columbia Journalism Review)

Microsoft backtracks on Windows 11's controversial default browser changes, adding a button to easily change default browsers @tomwarren  / The Verge)

An anti-fascist researcher says her Twitter account was suspended after someone reported a 2019 tweet of hers following Twitter's new "private media policy" @drewharwell  / Washington Post)

DocuSign reports Q3 revenue of $545.5M, up 42% YoY, with subscription revenue of $528.6M, up 44%, and 1.11M customers; stock is down 35%+ after weak Q4 guidance @levynews  / CNBC)

Insurance company Sogaz, founded by state firm Gazprom, gains control of Russia's largest social media network VKontakte after buying a 45% stake in the company (The Moscow Times)

Google says it will not require employees to return to US offices on January 10 as expected, but encourages employees to come in to build "muscle memory" @JennElias6  / CNBC)


NYU research suggests Twitter's algorithms promote conservative politicians because they are more likely to be "ratioed", which Twitter may count as engagement (Washington Post)

Researcher finds data on 106M international visitors to Thailand, including passport numbers and travel records dating back a decade, were exposed on a database @pabischoff  / Comparitech)

Amazon is quietly transitioning its US warehouse workers to 10-hour graveyard shifts; labor experts say the move is to cut costs and pay for fewer benefits @LaurenKGurley  / VICE)

Parler CEO says the company has been dropped by "every vendor from text message services to email providers to our lawyers", which could end the business @BruceHaring  / Deadline)

Many large websites are down including Amazon, Twitch, BBC, NYT, Spotify, Reddit, and FT, apparently due to an issue at the Fastly CDN network @refsrc  / TechCrunch)

Uber to end operations in Colombia on January 31, after courts side with the local competition authority, which found that Uber broke market rules @lauren_feiner  / CNBC)