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Democrats have decided their new line of attack against Judge Amy Coney Barrett: Rather than invent baseless allegations, like they did with now Justice Brett Kavanaugh, They're going to insist she's too religious to be a good Supreme Court Justice... Seriously? 🤔

BOOM: @theMRC  has offically launched the "Free Speech America" project dedicated to document concrete examples of bias and censorship of conservatives by social media giants. @cnsnews  has the story ⬇️

ICYMI: Last night Joe Biden refused to condemn the idea of court packing... Why? Because he secretly supports packing the court with liberal justices, for lifetime appointments, that will spend their entire term destroying our Constitution. We CANNOT allow that to happen.

BREAKING: Sen. @TedCruz  just called out @SenWhitehouse 's "dark money" hypocrisy ⬇️ #ConfirmationHearing 

Study of Biden Tax Plan Shows Average Families Will Lose a Fortune


REPORT: A Yale Epidemiologist has said hydroxychloroquine could save 100,000 lives. If only Democrats hadn't politicized it... via @dbongino 

BREAKING: James Comey has tested POSITIVE for corruption.

CORRUPTION: @Ilhan  Omar's campaign committee, reportedly, paid nearly $300,000 to her husband's firm... RT if you think there needs to be an investigation! via @dbongino  ⬇️

BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi just accidentally said the quiet part out-loud... "China would prefer Joe Biden..." @dbongino  has the story ⬇️

NEW: President@realDonaldTrump  is threatening to cut funding to schools that don't re-open in the fall... RT if you think this is the right call! US via @dbongino 

GREAT NEWS: @dbongino  is expected to testify at a House hearing on police brutality... Looks like we'll finally get some TRUTH at a Congressional hearing for a change ⬇️

POLL: Two-thirds believe mail-in voting would increase voter fraud...⠀ ⠀ They are *exactly* right — we must REJECT mail-in voting.⠀ ⠀ RT if you agree!⠀ ⠀ via @dbongino ⠀ ⠀

We're tired of the "leadership" in Washington. It's time to #FireTheSpeaker . RT if you agree

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REPORT: Ilhan Omar's Campaign Paid Nearly $1 Million to Husband’s Firm... She needs to be investigated IMMEDIATELY! @dbongino  has the story ⬇️