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WATCH as a Trump Supporter explains why he supports the President ⬇️ “Now that @realDonaldTrump  is in office, I don’t see my family anymore... Because they have JOBS — which is a GOOD thing!”

Democrats aren’t fighting for you, They’re fighting for themselves...

Michael Bloomberg has spent nearly $500 million into his campaign… Yet, he only stands at 12% in the latest polls. Pitiful ⬇️

BREAKING: The RNC raised over $27 million in January, nearly doubling what the DNC raised in January! So. Much. Winning. US

ICYMI: The Mainstream Media hit a new low yesterday... The @nytimes  published an op-ed by an Afghan Terrorist Leader, titled: “What We, the Taliban, Want.” Unacceptable ⬇️

BREAKING: Record Number of @GOP  Candidates file for Congress in 2020 After watching Democrats make absolute fools of themselves recently, the American people know it’s time for a change ⬇️

The @DailyCaller  checked in with post-impeachment Adam Schiff, And, as expected, he’s gone a little mad…

Another fake news media hoax has been debunked ⬇️


BREAKING: @Jim_Jordan  just exposed Congressional Democrats corrupt actions. This is a MUST watch ⬇️

ICYMI: @dbongino  & @TomFitton  break down just how rigged the Democrats’ investigations into President@realDonaldTrump  were ⬇️

BREAKING: Patrick Philbin just destroyed Adam Schiff ⬇️ "If this were a criminal trial in ordinary court & Mr. Schiff had done what he just did...it would've been an automatic mistrial."

We're tired of the "leadership" in Washington. It's time to #FireTheSpeaker . RT if you agree

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BREAKING: Rep. @mattgaetz  just destroyed @JoyVBehar  ⬇️ “I was just wondering if you were wearing black, as a consequence of the death of the political left in the debate last night?”

This is the Democrats' star witness? So triggered that she had to cross the street, instead of walking next to the Trump Hotel... And we're supposed to believe she's an objective witness?

The exact moment that Kamala Harris's campaign ended...

After @Ocasio2018  claimed her policies were not “free stuff” saying “I never want to hear that term a @dbonginoain .” slammed the socialist Congresswoman ⬇️