Backed by passionate fans, @BTS_twt  takes K-pop worldwide

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"Give me a second chance." Newly released body cam footage shows a 6-year-old Black child crying and pleading with Orlando police to let her go. The city's police chief says the officer involved in the student's arrest was "immediately suspended" after the incident in Sept.

Mayor Pete wants to double dip on billionaires: he will take their campaign contributions AND their tax dollars, he says. "If you’re watching right now, and you’re a billionaire, I will raise your taxes."

Joe has "worked like the devil." Finally a Satanist breaks through!!!

Allegations of sexual and/or physical abuse leveled against nine former employees at the American School for the Deaf in West Hartford, Connecticut, have been found "credible," according to an independent investigation conducted at the school's request

Wow. Big moment. Elizabeth Warren has seemed to drop her truce with Bernie Sanders. She just said she did the work to fight banks and figure out how to pay for Medicare for all and Bernie’s supporters “trashed me for it.” “I would be a better president than Bernie,” she said.

Coronavirus hits seniors the hardest. Italy’s elderly population is on the front line.

“we let it get out of control” “we cut it back by 95 percent” these are just blatant lies

“There are signs the federal government may not be ready for what could be coming,” says @andersoncooper  on the spread of the coronavirus. #KeepingThemHonest  

Michael Bloomberg keeps eliding that Stop and Frisk ended by court order after years of activists fighting it.