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There are numerous ways to get soaked at Disney’s parks. This wasn’t supposed to be one of them.

Health officials declined to identify the manufacturer or the product.

Now investors are coming after the firm — and the financial advisers who recommended it.

“You're talking about putting a guy to death, plain and simple, alright? So the state has a moral obligation to ensure that whatever it does, it does correctly.” Listen to "Blood and Truth," our true crime podcast:

We can’t really be this misinformed, can we?

Buried as little as 2.45 feet below the surface are the potential graves of 44 African-Americans


Remember when Rick Scott killed a high-speed rail project between Tampa and Orlando back in 2011? Turns out, he invested in the parent company bidding on same rail project he now supports.

“Why the heck would we spend money on something like that?”

Former Buc Warrick Dunn surprises St. Pete single mother with new home

Meet Barry Myers. For 30 years, he's tried to block the National Weather Service from doing its job, while making millions working for a private weather forecasting company. Now he's Trump's pick to lead the agency in charge of the National Weather Service

Yes, you can fail a drug test by eating a poppy seed bagel, as a Maryland mother learned

St. Augustine zoo shelters animals in its bathrooms: #HurricaneMatthew 

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He added: “I think an attorney general held in contempt of Congress is someone who should resign.”