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Nothing beats self preservation: "If Ghislaine goes down, she’s going to take the whole damn lot of them with her."

Distressed residents trapped in one of Melbourne’s public housing apartments have rubbished government claims they are being looked after, comparing the high-rises to prisons.

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Melbourne is heading back into lockdown with Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announcing stage three restrictions will be reimposed for six weeks after 191 new COVID-19 cases were diagnosed.

#FairDinkum : Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who has sought repeatedly to minimize the novel coronavirus as he urges his country back to work, said Tuesday he has tested positive for it.


Another day closer to Australia being allowed to go outside ... Keep the pressure on -- and by that, it means STAY HOME. The reward is going back to work, the economy kicking back into gear, jobs, @AFL  @NRL  ... you know, life. #FlattenTheCurve  #COVID19Aus  #shutdownaustralia 

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A humanitarian crisis and looming horror fire conditions prompted authorities into a 24-hour race against time to move thousands of people from the south coast, with the RFS identifying a 250km-long ‘tourist leave’ zone.

#Update @annikasmethurst  complied with the warrant and is presently waiting for the raid to be completed. She has declined to answer questions apart from confirming her identity. @chmharvey  @bennyglish  @sundayteleed  @newscorpaus 

#OpalTower2 : Chairman of the owner’s corporation at Opal Tower has warned the incident at Mascot Towers ‘won’t be the last’ unless the NSW government changes the law to better protect the rights of apartment owners. Story @danilemess  vi @dailytelegraph 

Kyle “Smoooothma” — his jumper looks locked in. @kylekuzma  getting shots up before the USA v Boomers in front of 51,000 in Melbourne. @Lakers  @LakersSBNS @LakersSBN @LakersReporterN @LakersCommunity @KingJamesSBN  Reporter Community

Read this story about the Annika Smethurst raid via @chmharvey  and @RendezView : "Seven federal cops. Seven hours. The rubbish bins. The oven. The underwear drawers." @dailytelegraph  @newscorpaus 

Extraordinary leader: @NSWRFS  chief Shane Fitzsimmons is surviving on a few hours sleep while leading 74,000 volunteers through the state’s worst blaze crisis in history. Fellow officers are in awe of his calm, focus, stamina and empathy.

Australia helps fuel a worldwide demand for MDMA. These four absolutely courageous mums -- in their own words -- heartbreakingly reveal how those deadly pills affects more than just the person who takes it. This is the #RippleEffect