Tamils / Dravida Kazhagam / Tamil / Bengali

Our national TV anchors are mostly non-Tamils and those few who are Tamils are terrified of Dravida Kazhagam. Hence the anchors respectfully call DK types as "Tamil parties". Are parties in other states called e.g., Bengali parties etc.?

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Tamils / Dravida Kazhagam / Tamil / Bengali

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Their teacher said she’ll give them all A's on the next test if this goes viral 😂 (via tylerrnolen/Instagram)

Vicious 🤯 @RafaelNadal  with a ridiculous jaw-dropper of a forehand from way behind the Acapulco sign. #AMT2020 

Beal also said the Nets played a box-and-one defense on him tonight 😅

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WOW 😲 An injury-time goal from goalkeeper Nahuel Guzman lifts @TigresOficial  into the @Concacaf  Champions League quarter-finals while @ClubAmerica , @impactmontreal  and @NYCFC  also advance ⚽️🏆

Tatum (33 PTS) and Spida (37 PTS) put on an absolute show in Utah 🍿

Tatum x Mitchell Two studs from the 2017 draft show the ultimate respect 🤝

This is how the Indians are getting ready for Spring Training 😂 (via @EthanHankins )

👀 Another look at the @LAClippers  breaking the press without the ball touching the floor! 🙌

after watching the shock and awe bombings in 2003 i swore off politics entirely. i was 20 then and i never imagined someone with bernie’s platform would ever have a chance in hell. i can’t believe this. to everyone who’s voting or volunteering for him, thank you and i love you