Subramanian Swamy

Subramanian Swamy

Rajya Sabha MP, Fmr. Union Cabinet Minister, Harvard Ph.D in Economics; Professor, BJP National Exec. member, I give as good as I get

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@shukla_tarun  I oppose AI privatisation. But its restructuring and increasing the power of the CMD to the point when he/she is only answerable to the Minister will turn it around

Karnataka by-election poll of polls predict victory for BJP via @indiatoday 

The rising rape incidents are due to out tolerance of corrupt politicians. Those politicians who have raped or killed even if prima facie proved should be shunned. Instead they are celebrated

: On what? How to deal with defenceless women?

@Dharma2X  : All TN MPs have a common interest: Boot lick Delhi and Loot TN; No time to get built Madurai International Airport or install Thevar statue in Parliament both which I got done in one year. I filed Mulla Periyar water level case too and got the order in April 2004.

: What is tasteless? The truth that he is out on bail for the unnatural death of his wife in a hotel?

@sleuthstock  @rameshnswamyL  @nviswami  @jgopikrishnan70ar . In the year 2000 he applied to join BJP. But the then BJP President Jana Krishnamurthy wrote a stiff letter to ABV stating he will not permit it. The proposal was dropped. Later he tried through AJ and no avail.

I am happy that party colleague and long standing friend Yeddiruppa has demonstrated a fine voter support in the crucial state of Karnataka by winning so many seats in the Assembly by-elections


Kamlesh Tiwari requires a NIA probe judging by prima facie evidence. The idea of mad mullahs is to provoke a communal riot since they have failed in Kashmir after Art 370 castration

Only when Lord Rama wanted the green light for re- building the temple is being given. JaI Shri Ram

Message to the Nation: If you risk splitting the Hindutva movement you will be split

Buddhu’s Cambridge Certificate says his name is Raul Vinci and he read MPhil and failed in National Economic Planning & Policy

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Why is Gambhir so defensive about a bogus self generated Naxalite promoted anonymous letter? He should ignore it . If a dumb Commission issues notice just ignore that. If Gambir needs help in Courts I will be happy to help him

If as Buddhu says India is the “Rape Capital” of the world then what is Amethi as of Dec 5, 2006?

I had tweeted demanding lookout notice for NDTV Roys. CBI acted. Today the Roy’s tried leaving for South Africa . They were intercepted and denied boarding