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USCN “TikTok” was tangible headline. But behind that, the central thread running through the two hour televised hearings with senators was the threat posed by the government in Beijing. Intel chiefs say neither side seeks conflict but… Analysis

USCN China’s new foreign minister - who was until a few months ago Beijing’s ambassador in Washington - warns 'reckless' US risks 'catastrophic' conflict

Important forensic questioning of the U.K. Home Secretary by @susannareid100  - calling out her ‘inflammatory’ migration figures

It’s such a great idea. Here’s your full interview with @KayBurley 

The collapse of #SiliconValleyBank  could represent ‘existential threat to U.K. tech sector’ start-ups warn. As White House moves to calm nerves, in U.K. there is concern - more here 👇

@SaakashviliM  tells @DominicWaghorn  that he is close to death in written notes from hospital bed.


Yana is ten. She’s one of four children I have just met in a Ukrainian hospital. A week ago she was in Kramatorsk train station trying to escape the war when it was hit by missiles. She has lost both her legs. And her mother. (At the request of docs we aren’t showing her face)

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I saw a lot more instances of entirely unnecessary, provocative behavior by Israeli police/military today. At Damascus Gate (stun grenades thrown at peaceful Palestinian group), in Sheikh Jarrah (skunk water fired on Palestinian homes) & Bethlehem (volleys of tear gas)

@markaustintv  signs off from Jerusalem tonight with such a sad story. Children, being treated for trauma, killed in the airstrikes.

NEW: The Turkish authorities have sent us this video which they claim was filmed at 0726 this morning off Bodrum. It shows Greek coastguard carrying out ‘pushbacks’ of migrant dinghies. Shots are also fired into the water. More @SkyNews 

The Israeli police pushing around accredited news correspondent @bencnn  and his @cnni  crew. It’s happened to us all this week. Today I walked past a policeman. I smiled and said hello. “F*ck off” he said.

So @Boris Johnson’s kipper story turns out to be cobblers. @EU_Commission  confirms that it’s UK not EU rules that determine how the kipper is transported: “The case described by Mr Johnson falls outside the scope of the EU legislation and it's purely a UK national competence.'

Just found this from 2005. Tony Blair takes on @Nigel_Farage  in the European Parliament - a different era.

The moment anti-Brexit protester jumps in front of ’s motorcade as it arrives in Brussels. “Foolish” I ask? “Not as foolish as - holding a placard in fr #Brexitnt  of a limo is nothing compared to the economic chaos if we crash out.”