China Russia

China and Russia test the limits of EU power via @FT 

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China Russia

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BREAKING: @Twitter  Lead Client Partner Alex Martinez SPRINTS Away From James O’Keefe When Questioned Over His Disparaging Remarks MOCKING @elonmusk  "Asperger's"; Attempts Hiding Out in @StandUpNY  Comedy Club Owned by Fan of Project Veritas#TwitterExposed 

President Biden is willing to make the American people suffer for his political agenda. He believes if people are paying $150 to fill up their vehicles and there is enough pain at the pump, then people will have an epiphany and get rid of their trucks. The cruelty is the point.

The lengths to which progressive media figures have gone to avoid having to directly criticize the Squad for unanimously voting for Biden's $40b war package to Raytheon and CIA is amazing to behold. They will literally talk about anything to avoid having to address this.

If I win, I win. If you win, you cheated #Trump 

Stuart Robert describes the PM ‘crash tackling’ a little boy as “an error from both of them” “I think when you you get out there to kick a footy with the Prime Minister, these things didn't happen.”

Since Russia launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February, we have announced nearly $2.6 billion in new global humanitarian food assistance with a focus on countries hardest hit by food price hikes. Learn more here:

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🚨I’m on the Senate floor to speak about my proposal to combat @JoeBiden  and the Democrats’ reckless tax & spend policies and inflation-fueling agenda. Tune in!

We live in a time where words are disconnected from our lived experiences. The Biden administration simply wants people to accept what they’re saying over what we’re actually seeing.