President / President Biden

It's official: Our President RM is meeting President Biden next week 🏛️

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President / President Biden

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Spotify Tickets is live now, but still in its testing phase.

Issey Miyake’s signature pleats and modern elegance will be remembered, but for most in New Zealand, his name is probably most familiar from a perfume bottle.

Disney tops Netflix on streaming subscribers, sets higher prices

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One way the Mar-a-Lago raid is so harmful to our republic is that it gives false hope to the blueanon crowd. These poor souls need to be treated like alcoholics, and encouraged to confront their addiction to innuendo and conspiracy theories.

This Yale alum wants to build a telemedicine platform expressly for Alzheimer's disease by @cookie 

May the fastest delivery startup win. GO.

Ralph Nader asks NHTSA to recall Tesla's 'dangerous and irresponsible' FSD by @rebeccabellan 

WIRED As wearable as a wearable gets. Designating a baseline is smart. Very unusual to see a wearable that is specifically useful for women. TIRED Can’t use it as anything but a health monitor. Expensive. Rings aren’t for everyone.

Mawi launches a patch to detect how brokenhearted you are by @Haje 

RCS is replacing outdated SMS text messaging. It brings features like read receipts, typing indicators and high-resolution image and video sharing.