Uplifting / Tearing

B - @BTS_twt  are back ✨ U - Uplifting ARMY's hearts 💜 T - Tearing up the dance floor 🕺 T - To a funky, summer song 🎶 E - Everyone go listen to #BTS_Butter  R - Right now 🧈

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Uplifting / Tearing

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Neonomics supports Unicef Norway by launching holiday donation campaign powered by open ba by 2022-12-01 09:30:00 @Finextra 

Euronext completes acquisition of technology business from Nexi by @Finextra  2022-12-01 10:18:00

Only five people showed up Tuesday evening to a party hosted by the European Commission’s foreign aid department in the metaverse. At the same time, the US works on the Inflation reduction act. #priorities 

Neuralink wants to use brain implants to reanimate the body — helping the blind see and the paralyzed walk. Elon Musk hopes to start human trials in the next 6 months.

[SPONSORED] To scale machine learning, businesses need to spend less time manually training models and more time driving revenue-generating innovation. Automation, standardization, and collaboration may be the key. Learn more. (With @CapitalOneTech )

Valve will give away over a hundred Steam Decks during The Game Awards

Sam Bankman-Fried says a $16 million Bahamian house in his parents' name was actually meant to be for FTX staff

Zoe, which went viral with its Covid-reporting app, raises $30M at a $303M valuation to track nutrition by @ingridlunden 

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