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'With the national security law, the Chinese government has broken the promises it made to Hongkongers when the island was handed over by Britain.' ✍️ Nathan Law

'Voters in Batley and Spen go to the polls on 1 July. There is now no possibility of a good outcome for Labour. If the party wins, the lesson it will learn is that communalism works; if it loses, that it wasn’t communalist enough.' ✍️ Stephen Daisley

'Apparently, the health world’s favourite noble Baroness will end England’s reliance on foreign doctors and nurses if she replaces Sir Simon Stevens as the next head of NHS England.' ✍️ Andy Cowper

'Respected at Westminster, Donaldson seems a more plausible fit for high office than the gauche Poots, though both men are remarkably similar; Donaldson, like Poots, is a committed Christian and is a prominent Orangeman.' ✍️ Andrew McQuillan

'Whatever you think of Rayner, the woman knows how to identify a political bruise and then keep punching it' ✍️ Patrick O'Flynn

'Orbán's plan involves a major restructuring of the European parliament, which he described as a "dead-end" for democracy. He wants to fix the EU’s democratic deficit by building a "democracy of democracies based on European nations".' ✍️ William Nattrass

'The striking thing here is that there are no masks, no social distancing, no restrictions on going to restaurants, or to football matches or to places of worship.' ✍️ Robert Peston

Is the green list enough to save tourism? ✍️ Ross Clark

'This time, Johnson told the Commons: "they jabber, we jab". The problem is that it didn’t really work in the context of a series of questions about rape.' ✍️ Isabel Hardman


The coronavirus outbreak has caused a lull in the protests, giving Hong Kong and China a vital chance at peace talks, write Benedict Rogers and Johnny Patterson

In September Philip Hammond said the Tory party is no longer ‘tolerant’ and has been infected with ‘ideological puritanism'. He now works for the Saudi regime, reports @MrSteerpike 

Footballers are forgetting something simple but important about why fans tune in: they pay to be entertained, not preached at, says Tom Goodenough

Germany has broken international law very recently, writes Steven Barrett. So how did the EU respond?

China's human rights abuses can no longer be ignored by the legal profession, writes Matthew Scott

Boris bashers should be honest about the real reason they don't like the PM, says Patrick O'Flynn