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Having dragged on for more than a dozen years, the, er, high-speed rail project has acquired something of a reputation for mismanagement… ✍️ Steerpike

‘My concern is that rushing out legislation that is not ready shows a wider government meltdown, happening at quite a pace.’ ✍️ Fraser Nelson on how parts of Nadhim Zahawi’s Schools Bill should have never been published

‘He’s doing no real harm beyond annoying a few MPs.’ ✍️ Gus Carter

Lloyd Evans on what Sadiq Khan and the SNP have in common 👇

‘Stalin, like Putin, was determined that Ukraine would give up its dreams of independent nationhood and come to heel.’ ✍️ Robin Ashenden

Ghislaine Maxwell has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for sex trafficking for the paedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Her brother, Ian Maxwell, believes she was denied justice.

'There are three possible outcomes to this war - and all three of them are still to some extent open...' 🗣 Andrew Roberts interviews Henry Kissinger, former US Secretary of State


The coronavirus outbreak has caused a lull in the protests, giving Hong Kong and China a vital chance at peace talks, write Benedict Rogers and Johnny Patterson

Anna Soubry: ‘A general election will solve nothing’ John Mann: ‘It will get rid of you’

'The BBC has dropped the pretence and is openly campaigning to unseat an elected prime minister.' ✍️Lloyd Evans

Last week, Isabel Oakeshott defended Angela Rayner. Now, she says, she knows the truth - and feels duped. ✍️ Isabel Oakeshott

In September Philip Hammond said the Tory party is no longer ‘tolerant’ and has been infected with ‘ideological puritanism'. He now works for the Saudi regime, reports @MrSteerpike 

The UK will not request an extension to the Brexit transition period, reports James Forsyth

While the government is pressed on an exit strategy almost daily in the press conferences, staff have been told that polling suggests the public are frustrated with “repetitive gotcha” political questions at the briefings, writes Katy Balls

Nicola Sturgeon’s independence paper is a charade. ✍️ Kevin Hague

If Boris Johnson cannot function without Cummings he is not qualified to be prime minister. The price of defending Cummings is admitting Johnson’s inadequacy, says Alex Massie