Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden

I used to work for the government. Now I work for the public. President at @FreedomofPress.

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A blistering, essential read for Americans on both sides of the aisle who wonder how we arrived at the problems of today, by @dsdamato :

Whistleblowers teach one lesson: you can shackle the man, but you can't shackle the truth.

"The law gave me hope—and it still does. Even in the darkest hour of the Revolution, with the very existence of the country at stake, Congress didn't just welcome an act of principled dissent, it enshrined such acts as duties." #whistleblower 

"I knew I’d be making my disclosures at a very different time—a time both more comfortable and more cynical. My superiors were not only aware of what the agency was doing, they were actively directing it—they were complicit."

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Wow: The @FBI  is running a warrantless internet surveillance program so flagrantly unconstitutional that even the secret, rubber-stamp "court" that approved 99.967% (!) of surveillance requests over 33 years (!!) felt they couldn't turn a blind eye.

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The worst of all futures arrives when you aren't looking.

With everything in the news, people often ask me about life after blowing the whistle. I spoke with the legendary @ewenmacaskill  about it. I hope you'll watch it.


Images of Ecuador's ambassador inviting the UK's secret police into the embassy to drag a publisher of--like it or not--award-winning journalism out of the building are going to end up in the history books. Assange's critics may cheer, but this is a dark moment for press freedom.

This FBI Director has sought for years to jail me on account of my political activities. If I can oppose his firing, so can you.

Note: Gina Haspel participated in a torture program that involved beating an (innocent) pregnant woman's stomach, anally raping a man with meals he tried to refuse, and freezing a shackled prisoner until he died. She personally wrote the order to destroy 92 tapes of CIA torture.

Speak not because it is safe, but because it is right.

Facebook: "This is their information. They own it" BBC: "And you won’t sell it?" FB: "No! Of course not." Please help this 2009 interview of Facebook's CEO get seen by people who don't use Twitter. Here's a download link so you can pull and repost it:

I am neither Democrat nor Republican, but Sanders is in my opinion the most fundamentally decent man in politics. His life-long struggle for a more equitable society is a reminder of how far we have come—and a challenge to complete the journey. #GetWellBernie 

Businesses that make money by collecting and selling detailed records of private lives were once plainly described as "surveillance companies." Their rebranding as "social media" is the most successful deception since the Department of War became the Department of Defense.

No matter the outcome, #Brexit  polls demonstrate how quickly half of any population can be convinced to vote against itself. Quite a lesson.