Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden

I used to work for the government. Now I work for the public. President at @FreedomofPress.

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“Is it in my shoe?” he asked me at one point, taking his blue Nike off and peering at it. “You have to tell me. I don’t want to destroy my shoe looking for it.”

Coinbase spending $16,000,000 on a Superbowl ad to direct people to their website and $0 to make sure that website doesn't crash 10 seconds after the ad starts is so very internet.

please can we just get through the week without a war or anyth—

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So... if nobody shows up for the invasion Biden scheduled for tomorrow morning at 3AM, I'm not saying your journalistic credibility was instrumentalized as part of one of those disinformation campaigns you like to write about, but you should at least consider the possibility.

I don't think I've ever seen anything like that.

"A free press can be good or bad, but without freedom, the press will never be anything but bad." As someone called worse things by bigger names, lawsuits against newspapers over hurt feelings—and even false claims—are not the answer. Won't fix people, but will harm rights.

I'm not suspended from the ceiling above a barrel of acid by a rope that burns a little faster every time I tweet, you concern-trolling ghouls. I've just lost any confidence I had that sharing my thinking on this particular topic continues to be useful, because I called it wrong.

Someone may have put a lot on the line to warn you of this. It doesn't matter who they are or why they did it: their role is complete. What matters now is how you respond.

Neither a law nor a court can truly justify the revocation of a human right; the most fundamental of our freedoms are inabrogable. The repression of such an essential liberty may be effective, for a time, but it cannot be legitimate.


Nobody has stronger opinions about Joe Rogan than people who have never listened to Joe Rogan.

Facebook and Instagram go mysteriously offline and, for one shining day, the world becomes a healthier place. #facebookdown 

Mr. President, if you grant only one act of clemency during your time in office, please: free Julian Assange. You alone can save his life. @realDonaldTrump 

There is nothing more grotesque than a media pushing for war.

This FBI Director has sought for years to jail me on account of my political activities. If I can oppose his firing, so can you.

Speak not because it is safe, but because it is right.

Watch the voting machine used in US swing states get hacked to rig an election. @jhalderm , @UMich , and @nytimes  demonstrate why every voting district needs an auditable paper ballot. Voting machines are *known* to be insecure.

Businesses that make money by collecting and selling detailed records of private lives were once plainly described as "surveillance companies." Their rebranding as "social media" is the most successful deception since the Department of War became the Department of Defense.

Facebook-owned Whatsapp being down is a reminder that you and your friends should probably be using a more private, non-profit alternative like @signalapp  anyway (or another open-source app of your choice). It's just as free, and takes like 30 seconds to switch. #facebookdown 

When a crooked politician calls me traitor, ask yourself: who did I betray? The courts have ruled repeatedly that the programs I revealed were unlawful, and likely unconstitutional—a violation of your rights. If this is treason, what they call loyalty is a crime.