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Once in a very long while, a rare book or manuscript discovery is so remarkable that it makes national headlines. #archives 

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In a state where every drop of water counts, ornamental grass – which accounts for a large percentage of outdoor water use – has been banned in Southern Nevada, just one step being taken to address rising temperatures and shriveling reservoirs

The passage of the Inflation Reduction Act would cap an extraordinary week in Washington. @albamonica  is live at the White House with more for #SundayTODAY .

Senators are still going after pulling an all-nighter debating and voting on amendments to the Inflation Reduction Act, that comprehensive climate, health care and tax bill. @alivitali  is live on Capitol Hill. #SundayTODAY 

Sunday Morning Passage We remember some of the notable figures who left us this week, including legendary sports broadcaster Vin Scully

What is your favorite plot twist of all time? *SPOILERS*

In 1965, to keep their bored kids entertained, some dads on Bainbridge Island, Wash., invented a game using a plastic ball, some wood, and a badminton court. Now, "Pickleball" is the fastest-growing sport in America

The giant African land snail has a voracious appetite, eating over 500 types of plants and sometimes even consuming plaster and stucco, putting structures at risk.

The big, bountiful blooms known as hydrangeas are abundant on Cape Cod, and available in hundreds of varieties. Mo Rocca tiptoes through the hydrangeas, and talks with aficionados. (This story was originally broadcast August 8, 2021.)

And no, do not cancel your Times subscription. Stay and fight for a better Times, better journalism, better democracy. The Times will someday learn that those of us who criticize it are its allies, wishing for its best, not its compromises.

In our #SundayTODAY  photo of the week, comedian Jon Stewart gives a big hug to a woman after the passage of The Pact Act, which expands health benefits to veterans exposed to toxins during their military service.