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“If you’re discarding a bra you can cut the clasps off and send them to us we use them for turtle shell repair.”

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Jazz Standard, a perennial favorite venue for musicians and fans alike, has shut its doors. It's the first major jazz club in New York City to close permanently due to the coronavirus pandemic.

City officials launched a new initiative on Wednesday aimed at helping struggling local businesses survive the remainder of the pandemic by converting them from a single-owner model into employee-owned businesses.

"Chinese Australians are perfectly capable of telling real news from fake news. The problem is that the Chinese government is not telling false stories. It is more interested in silencing true ones. "

“Dr. Birx - Do you wish you had spoken out sooner against President Trump’s false claims about COVID?” - Birx has only recently been willing to contradict the President’s false statements on COVID, as the US sees highest death toll in months. @CBSNews 

Georgia Sen. Kelly Loeffler Donated Her Salary To Anti-LGBTQ And Anti-Abortion Organizations

When the husband & wife tag team stars align👫🏾🙌🏾 new #blackish  tonight!

In case you are wondering how COVID is spreading so rapidly in the United States, try to find one person in this photo of the Georgia "kraken" rally with a mask

"Black lives have always mattered. We have always been important." Actor@JohnBoyega  discusses his real-life activism and the trickiness of playing a Black cop in a racist police system during the 1980s in #SmallAxe :

This vintage, art nouveau style advertisement for Absinthe Robette shows a woman in a translucent gown holding up a glass of absinthe. Illustrated by Henri Privat-Livemont, 1896.

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ITV News has spent the last month in Nottingham, learning how England's Covid-19 lockdown has affected people there. The city's resilience shows us how the crisis can make us stronger, says @GeraintITV 

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