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Invention and innovation in sports are driven by the needs and expectations of professional and amateur athletes who seek ever more sophisticated ways to extend and enhance human capabilities.

From our archives in honor of the #Olympics  kicking off: The “Olympic” event showcased the prowess of librarians by turning the mental into the physical. #FBF 

After the 1972 Olympics, the pictograms inspired sign makers outside the sports world, starting with the United States Department of Transportation, which developed its own system of symbols in 1974.

Microbes thrive in this unbelievably inhospitable environment, feeding on chemical compounds released from crushed rock caused by erosion.

As tradition dictates, the coveted prizes come in gold, silver and bronze, but the new medals also boast a sustainable innovation: They are made entirely from recycled metals. #FBF  #Olympics 

Located in the heart of Berlin, the new institution hopes to welcome as many as three million visitors each year.

The floods killed at least 165 people across western Germany and neighboring countries.

In the years after its disappearance a debate emerged concerning whether this doomed butterfly was a distinct species or just an isolated population of the wide-ranging silvery blue butterfly.

The third president evidently had a love of vanilla ice cream. #NationalVanillaIceCreamDay 

Researchers in Italy have found the remains of a Roman road and dock at the bottom of a Venetian lagoon.


‘Lennon Walls’ have spread throughout Hong Kong and the world as a form of public protest and free expression.

These spaces, which locals call “Lennon Walls,” have sprung up on buildings, walkways, sky bridges, underpasses and storefronts and carry messages like “Hong Kongers love freedom,” “garbage government” and “We demand real universal suffrage.”

The poetry of Langston Hughes, born on this day in 1902, influenced King’s sermons on a fundamental level and helped give rise to the preacher's most lasting line.

Just over a year after the journalism museum’s closing, the slab is set to find a new home @ConstitutionCtr  in Philadelphia.

The character, known as Amabie, is one of the yōkai—a class of spirits first popularized in Japanese folklore during the Edo period.

In light of a shooting in the Atlanta area that left eight people, including six Asian women, dead, @PBS  has made the documentary series “Asian Americans” freely available to stream online. Read more about the five-part series, which premiered last May.

Samuel Colt accepted an order for 1,000 revolvers from Captain Samuel Walker of the Texas Rangers on this day in 1847.

These resources are designed to foster an equal society, encourage commitment to unbiased choices and promote antiracism in all aspects of life.