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A new study estimates that over the last four decades environmental regulations aimed at improving air quality have saved the lives of some 1.5 billion birds across the United States.

In 1943 the all-wing and jet-propelled Horten Ho 229 promised spectacular performance and the German air force chief, Hermann Göring, allocated half-a-million Reichsmarks to brothers Reimar and Walter Horten to build and fly several prototypes.

The environmental movement of the 1970s can be credited with directly shaping American recycling programs–although concern about the post-war disposable culture goes back almost to its beginning.

Lincoln’s proclamation was “the culmination of a 36-year campaign started by so-called ‘mother’ or ‘godmother’ of Thanksgiving, Sarah Josepha Buell Hale.”

A new Race, Community and Our Shared Future initiative will explore how Americans understand, experience and confront race.

French toast, also known as lost bread, German toast, and "poor knights' pudding" is celebrated today, but it tastes great any day. #NationalFrenchToastDay 

Only one person in recorded history has ever been directly hit by a meteorite. It happened #OTD  in 1954.

Why did the moose cross Interstate 80? Because three-and-a-half miles of fencing guided it to Utah’s largest wildlife overpass.


‘Lennon Walls’ have spread throughout Hong Kong and the world as a form of public protest and free expression.

How journalists covered the rise of Mussolini and Hitler.

These spaces, which locals call “Lennon Walls,” have sprung up on buildings, walkways, sky bridges, underpasses and storefronts and carry messages like “Hong Kongers love freedom,” “garbage government” and “We demand real universal suffrage.”

A new discovery from the University of Florida reveals a real-life planet actually clocking in at coordinates eerily reminiscent of the fictional M-Class planet.

There are whales alive today who were born before "Moby Dick" was written.

For some, the Ghent Altarpiece’s most haunting attribute may be one only recently revealed by restoration: the alarmingly humanoid face that once adorned the painting’s central sacrificial lamb.

The poetry of Langston Hughes, born on this day in 1902, influenced King’s sermons on a fundamental level and helped give rise to the preacher's most lasting line.

Esanbe Hanakita Kojima, as the island is called, may have been eroded by wind and ice floes.