Doug Smith: Raptors

Doug Smith: Raptors

Covering the #Raptors for two decades - I've seen a thing or two.

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Land to news OG Anunoby has a bruised right eye, the doctor said, and he will not play Wednesday in Portland. No other word past that

7-3 Raptors minus 4 rotation guys down early playing 3rd game in 4 nights Fire ‘em all

Canada holds Cuba to seven points -7! - in third quarter, up 86-39 after 3 and it’s bed time here

Do you think I'm getting at least 3 phone calls every day from a disembodied government voice threatening jail time unless I respond because I don't buy used forklifts? Seems the only explanation to me

I have zero sense of how the MLS cap works -- they seem to often trade players for money but that is how it seems to work -- but TFC not retaining Michael Bradley makes zero sense to me

Just want to throw out heartiest of congratulations to three of the finest I'm privileged to deal with on a regular basis, @michaelgrange  @Matt__Devlin  and Masai Ujiri as they're honoured by @SportsMediaCA  today.

If you’re looking for the Canada women’s game soon, as some Olympians and HOFers are, streamed on CBC sports


I have never heard of you before and am quite glad for that but you need to know you are blowing smoke out of your butt. I have had two open heart surgeries, a 13-hour procedure on an aortic dissection, see a cardiologist and GP whenever I have to. So, wanna talk? Talk facts

The Don Cherry thing was despicable and he should be fired -- he should have been gone long before -- but Ron McLean's lame and POS "thumbs up" is equally disgusting and he's got to be held accountable, too

So Kawhi and his uncle coerce the Clippers into paying an exorbitant price and absolutely give up their long-term future for a deal that might be two years? That's ruthless

Dwane Casey is the most genuinely good, honest, fair person I’ve covered in 23 years around that team. He exudes class

There have been "zero" conversations between Raptors and Heat; please take a breath and enjoy the long weekend

I am not entirely sure what I'm seeing here. Seen an awful lot of games, this might be the gutsiest, most impressive win ever, given the stakes