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Biden: "This is the United States of America, for God's sake. Everyone in this country should be able to turn on the faucet and drink clean water."

In White House South Court Auditorium. Joe Biden on bipartisan infrastructure law: There's a lot of talk and disappointment about things we didn't get done... "but this is something we did get done".

Biden: "I also want to be clear. We're in this to win."

Biden: "Across our country right now there are 45,000 bridges that are in poor condition... I've had the chance to see some of them myself as I've travelled the country."

Biden: "One man told me the bridge he travels every day is 'a tragedy waiting to happen'."

Biden: We've included $27.5bn for smaller bridges including dedicated funding for 'off system' bridges. We're sending a message to those communities: "You matter." We're making sure you're not left behind and left out.

Biden: "When we get this done, we'll get back to beating the world again."

Biden walks away without answering reporters' shouted questions.

'Biden was elected to be Not Trump, to be a comfortable old shoe. He overpromised and underdelivered. People wanted competence and stability and instead we get incompetence and instability.' Maureen Dowd in The New York Times:


Trump: "The whole concept of death is terrible."

At White House briefing. Press secretary Jen Psaki: The US condemns Ethiopia’s expulsion of UN staff.

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Cruz: "Israel is our friend. The Wuhan virus came from Wuhan. And there is a difference between boys and girls... Just a few years ago every one of those statements would have been uncontroversial... Today we're at a moment where saying those words can get you cancelled."

Yang: “We do not exist to serve this economy. This economy exists to serve us and our families.”

Ivanka Trump: "The last three years has shown the world the benefit of the pro-growth policies this administration has followed and the benefits of capitalism... Our economy is the envy of the world."

Yang: “Almost 2,000 newspapers have gone out of business over the last number of months... What doesn’t function very well if you don’t have local news? Democracy.”

Yang: “Iowa, this is it. You are the wave starting on Monday night and I can’t wait.”

Yang: We’re told everything is great, GDP is high, unemployment is low. “We’re looking around and thinking, ‘I’m not sure everything is that great’. And we’re right.”

Psaki on Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin: "The United States is the first country to have private companies taking private individuals to space. This is a moment of American exceptionalism. That's how we see it."

McEnany on retirement of Colonel Vindman: I'm not going to comment on a "former junior employee".