No method of execution in the United States has ever been set aside as unlawful because of a constitutional violation.

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Police searching for a missing mum Nicola Bulley who vanished while walking her dog have traced a witness they wanted to speak to. Phil McCann is in Lancashire for #BBCBreakfast 

Kulipa Ushuru ni Kujitegemea... HNIB Agents are picking the reports attached.. It is so DECLASSIFIED!

Saudi non-oil private sector activity jumps in January on higher output, orders

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Liz Truss is attempting to reinvigorate her political career, which has seemingly put pressure on Rishi Sunak as some Tory MP's are leaning towards her pro-growth agenda. @AliMirajUK  asks: Is this an act of hubris or a complete lack of self-awareness?

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India delivers fifty more buses to Sri Lanka at Presidential Secretariat premises under Economic Assistance Scheme of Indian govt

On a communication from MHA, the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology has initiated the process to ban 138 betting apps & 94 loan lending apps with Chinese links on an “emergency” basis. @RishabhMPratap  joins @prathibhatweets  with the latest details.

russia’s losses in manpower -700 soldiers on the Ukrainian soil for the last 24h. Good morning. #RussiaUkraineWar 

"It's very difficult for Britain to face up to the facts about its own past." Journalist Eamonn McCann was there on Northern Ireland's Bloody Sunday, when British forces killed 14 unarmed civil rights protesters. The UK covered it up for decades.

Trade down, economy sinking, support falling: is the tide finally turning on Brexit?