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DAILY EXPRESS FRONT PAGE 'Scandal of our wasted foreign aid' #skypapers 

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Am I losing my mind or did Democrats win the Senate and McConnell is essentially filibustering them taking majority control of the body?

The Biden administration is "exploring ways to speed up" release of $20 bills featuring Harriet Tubman after the Trump administration delayed the move

“We fundamentally need the fossil fuel industry to disappear,” says climate change expert @MichaelEMann , but in a managed, responsible way. In the meantime, one key move the Biden administration can make is to do away with the “crazy” subsidies that fossil fuel companies receive.

QAnon-inflected fascism will be the official position of, like, half the state-wide Republican parties by 2022.

Wearing two masks instead of one is probably more effective to stop the spread of coronavirus, Dr. Anthony Fauci says

Forbes spotlights three women who have been instrumental in standing up to former President Trump on @Morning_Joe  .

I just literally took two seconds on Google to find Daniel Inouye presiding over the Senate during the Porteous impeachment trial.

Lloyd Austin is sworn in as the first Black secretary of defense by VP Harris on Monday. 📷 Evan Vucci / AP

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"What you see in there is a place frozen in time" Back inside the Wuhan market where the first cases of Covid-19 emerged a year ago