Vladimir Putin / Russia

"A marriage is a union between a man and a woman." Vladimir Putin says as long as he is president in Russia gay marriage will not be legalised. Latest world news here:

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Vladimir Putin / Russia

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Damn. Trump is talking about Biden being assassinated weeks into his presidency. What nut is going to interpret this as an encouragement?

The idea that open carrying a weapon in a crucial public space is just a free-floating right that comes with no implied threat is very obviously insane.

Anyone Democrat feeling really confident right now should look at Florida’s early voting numbers. Republicans are having another huge day across the state.

The leader of a sex cult has been sentenced to 120 years in prison. Keith Raniere of NXIVM used self-help workshops to force at least 15 women and teen girls to have sex with him. He: ▪️called them slaves ▪️branded their skin with his initials ▪️forced some to weigh under 100lbs

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Someone needs too ask the FBI...and Rudy....separately....if they've cracked the encrypted part of the hard drive.

The White House bragging about ending the pandemic just as the pandemic is reaching its highest point yet is some real 1984-level lying

‘What history books do they read?’ Former President Barack Obama slammed Jared Kushner after the White House senior adviser suggested that Black people had to 'want' to succeed for policies to change

"Another term of Trump's presidency would mean the loss of hope for all immigrants, refugees — whoever he feels like targeting at the moment." This undocumented immigrant says the Trump admin has made life hell for her and for other immigrants.

Jon Stewart will soon have his own show again. The former anchor of “The Daily Show” has reached a deal to host a current affairs series for Apple TV+, the company announced. The show will feature one-hour episodes, each dedicated to a single topic.

Also, none of this is abstract. It's happened in American history. Armed men at polling places were a key feature of the movement of terroristic violencethat murdered multi-racial democracy in the south and replaced it with a one-party apartheid authoritarian regime.