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A distraught woman in Utah explained to mechanics that her new rescue kitten had managed to get stuck behind the dashboard in her car. Watch more videos from Sky News here:

Manchester Arena bombing inquiry: Victims' families have 'grave misgivings' over MI5 secrecy

"I will be the voice of the nine million carers in our country." Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey referenced his own experiences as he made an impassioned appeal to carers in his first keynote conference speech. #LibDemConf :

Household mixing in any setting is to be made illegal in the north east of England as the number of #COVID19  cases 'continues to rise sharply'

Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict: Second day of clashes as dozens killed in fiercest violence since 1990s

The cast and crew of TV shows Strictly Come Dancing, Top Gear and Succession have revealed how they plan to film during the #coronavirus  pandemic

US Election 2020: When are the presidential debates and how do they work?

Older people are being excluded from the vast majority of trials to find treatments and a vaccine for #COVID19 , according to a study


Coronavirus: Monkeys 'escape with COVID-19 samples' after attacking lab assistant

#Coronavirus : Banksy sprays Tube with COVID-19 face mask message. The street artist was filmed stencilling a London Underground train with a message encouraging people to wear face coverings. More here:

A nine-year-old Kenyan boy who made a wooden hand-washing machine to help stop the spread of #COVID19  has been awarded a presidential award. Read today's top stories:

A Colombian man helps his deaf and blind friend experience the joy of their team's #WorldCup  campaign

The Duke of Sussex announces his wife has given birth to a baby boy. Follow the latest on the #royalbaby  here:

Footage shows the moment the sound of gunfire stops a Las Vegas concert. There are reports of multiple injuries

Katie Hopkins permanently suspended by Twitter for breaking 'abuse and hate' rules

Oxford's coronavirus vaccine is reported to have shown promising results after the team discovered the jab could provide "double protection" against the virus